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The Local Government Act 2020 and Council’s Public Transparency Policy (PDF, 427 KB), enable the public to watch Council and Delegated Committee meetings through livestreaming.

Visit our YouTube Council and committee meetings playlist to watch livestreamed meetings as they take place in real time, or catch up on recordings at your convenience. The list of meetings is ordered by date, with the most recent meetings at the top of the list. 

Scroll below to see upcoming meetings or visit 2022 meeting dates.

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Our decision making takes place in 3 formal forums.

Council meetings

Council Meetings are the formal decision-making forum for all matters under Council's jurisdiction, by or under any legislation or regulation. Meetings are chaired by the Mayor and attended by Councillors.

Services Delegated Committee meetings

The Services Delegated Committee meetings cover reports on issues such as traffic management, road closures, parking, family and children’s services and youth services.

Urban Planning Delegated Committee meetings

The Urban Planning Delegated Committee (UPDC) meetings consider and discuss reports on issues relating to the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and the Building Act 1990.

How to participate in Council and Committee meetings

Members of the public can participate in the public decision-making at Council and Delegated Committee meetings in a number of ways.

Petition Council

You can petition Council with a formal written request signed by more than one person appealing to Council about a particular cause.

Public question time

You can submit a question as per the requirements of the Governance Rules that may be read, and answered, during that section of the meeting.


A deputation is a written request that may be heard at an upcoming Council meeting.

Public Submission

Under the Community Engagement Policy, a public submission is a request to be heard in support of their written submission.

More information

Watch our videos to learn more about what happens at Council and committee meetings.

The Governance Rules set out the procedures for the election of the Mayor and for conducting Council and Delegated Committee meetings to make sure they are fair, orderly and effective.

All upcoming meeting dates are available on our 2022 meeting dates page.

Information on past council meetings are available via our Past Council meeting minutes, agendas and video recordings page. 

For more information about our meetings, call (03) 9278 4471.

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