Council's Audit Committee oversees and monitors the effectiveness of Council in carrying out its responsibilities for:

  • accountable financial management
  • good corporate governance
  • maintaining a system of internal controls
  • risk management
  • fostering an ethical environment.

The Committee reports to Council as an Advisory Committee and meets as needed, but at least four times per year.

Matters commonly discussed at the meetings include:

  • internal and external audit reports
  • implementation status of audit recommendations
  • financial statements
  • internal audit performance data
  • updates from the Fraud Control Group and Risk Executive Group
  • reports relating to governance, legislative compliance and information technology
  • other reports from Council officers.


The Audit Committee comprises 3 Councillors and 3 independent members.

Councillor members:

Cr Jim Parke

Cr Lisa Hollingsworth

Cr Cynthia Watson

Independent members:

Mr Andrew Dix

Mr Alex Klos

Ms Claire Filson

The Chief Executive Officer, Director Corporate Services, Manager Commercial and Property Services, and Internal Auditor attend all meetings, but are not voting members.


Download the Audit Committee Charter

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