Launched in May 2017, our website was co-designed with our community to transform the Boroondara online customer experience. 

The launch of our new site was a key milestone in our Customer Experience Improvement Strategy which is all about putting you at the centre of everything we do.

In keeping with our customer-first promise and our commitment to keeping you informed, this Website Performance Dashboard has been developed to show our progress towards creating an empowering online experience for our community.

These results are from 1 January - 31 March 2019 and will be updated quarterly.

How many customers are visiting our website

Last quarter our website had a total of 239,263 visitors, with March being our busiest month for website traffic. 

This graph shows the amount of users over the last quarter. In January we had 78,517 users, February had 78,970 and March had 81,776


When are customers visiting our website

Our online information and services are accessed 24/7 with 37.3 per cent of customers visiting our website outside of business hours.

By improving our online information and services and expanding self-service options, customers are better able to engage with us at a time and place that is convenient for them.

This graph shows that customers are visiting our website 24/7 with a significant percentage of users accessing our website out of business hours.

How long are customers on our website

Last quarter our customers spent an average of 1 minute and 48 seconds on our website and viewed an average of 2.2 pages each time they visited. 

What pages are customers visiting

Our top pages last quarter showed that a significant number of customers visited our website to complete a transaction. Our top ten most visited pages last quarter included:

  1. Boroondara homepage
  2. Libraries homepage
  3. Contact us
  4. Pay a parking fine
  5. Boroondara Recycling and Waste Centre
  6. Book a hard waste collection
  7. View current job vacancies
  8. Recycling and waste
  9. Jobs and careers
  10. Renew library loan

How many customers are accessing our services through eForms

Last quarter 8,045 eForms were completed, with March being our busiest month. The most-used forms were: Review my parking infringement notice, Contact us and Report a bin problem. eForm completion is up 3.9 per cent on this quarter last year.

This graph shows that in January we had 2,212 eforms completed in 2019 and 2,434 in 2018. In February we had 2421 eforms completed in 2019 and 2,239 in 2018. In March 2019 we had 3,412 eforms completed and 3,065 in 2018.

How satisfied are customers with our eForms

More than half of the customers who completed eForms last quarter provided a rating about their experience.

Last quarter, 4,371 customers gave our eForms an average rating of 4.5 out of five stars.

Have your say

As part of our digital transformation and ongoing effort to continuously improve our content and services, we encourage customers to send us feedback by completing the form at the bottom of most webpages.

Here are some of the things you told us about the website last quarter. We value your feedback and act on it to improve our website content whenever possible – as you can see from the following examples:


"Great that the Bulletin is available via email. I no longer want to receive the paper version at all. Is that possible? " (rating 3 stars)

Action taken: customer was removed from the Boroondara Bulletin print distribution list.

"Change of address for registered pet, try to find this on your web site, I couldn't." (rating 1 star)

Action taken: updated the heading and layout on the 'Transfer your pet' page to make this content more visible for customers.

"This is the most organised, clear and concise competition registration." (rating 5 stars)

Action taken: no action required.


"Put credit card charges  on this page. Also 2% discount for early payment is not that appealing. Suggest 5% more appropriate." (rating 2 stars)

Action taken: a link to the credit card surcharge was added to the 'Pay your rates' page.

Thank you for participating in our digital transformation and helping us deliver the online experience you want. 

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