Coronavirus update 13 March 2020

COVID-19 restrictions: what's closed and what's open.

Launched in May 2017, our website was co-designed with our community to transform the Boroondara online customer experience. 

The launch of our site was a key milestone in our Customer Experience Improvement Strategy which is about putting you at the centre of everything we do.

These results are from 1 July to 30 September 2020 and will be updated quarterly.

Number of customers visiting our website

During this quarter, our website had a total of 270,336 visitors. September was our busiest month for website traffic, with 94,546 visitors. 

We had an increase of 30,968 (12.9%) visits to the site compared to the same period in 2019.

This graph shows that in July 2020 our website had 86,315 visitors, compared to 79,006 in July 2019. In August 2020 we had 89,475 (compared to 84,156 in August 2019) and in September 2020 we had 94,546, compared to 76,206 in September 2019.

When customers are visiting our website

As we continue to improve the website, an increasing number of customers are choosing to self-serve on a 24/7 basis. During this quarter, 40 per cent of customers visited our website outside of business hours.

This graph shows that between July and September 2020, 40 per cent of website sessions took place after hours.

How long customers are on our website

This quarter, our customers spent an average of 2 minute and 4 seconds on our website and viewed an average of 1.61 pages each time they visited.

Pages our customers are visiting

Our top pages this quarter showed that a significant number of customers visited our website to find information about their bins and waste disposal. Our top 10 most visited pages were:

  1. Boroondara homepage
  2. Libraries homepage
  3. Contact us
  4. Boroondara libraries temporarily closed. Limited services available
  5. Boroondara Recycling and Waste Centre
  6. Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  7. Online Planning Permit register
  8. Find your bin day
  9. Jobs and careers
  10. View current job vacancies

Number of customers accessing our services through eForms

This quarter 17,681 eForms were completed, down from 29,171 eForms last quarter and up from 13,448 in the same period last year.

The 'Book a waste collection' form was the top form submitted in Q1 with 5,984 submissions. The 'Report a bin problem' form was the second most utilised form with 2986 submissions.

We now have more customer-facing forms than in previous years and we are continually improving our analytics capturing.

This graph shows that in July 2020 we had 6,886 completed eForms compared to 4,529 July 2019. In August 2020 we had 5,244 completed eForms compared to 4,465 in August 2019. In September 2020 we had 5,551 completed eForms compared to 4,454 in September 2019.

Customer satisfaction with our eForms

This quarter, 8,852 customers gave our eForms an average rating of 4.64 out of 5 stars.


Have your say

As part of our digital transformation and ongoing effort to continuously improve our content and services, we encourage customers to send us feedback by completing the form at the bottom of most webpages.

Here are some of the things you told us about the website this quarter. We value your feedback and act on it to improve our website content whenever possible – as you can see from the following examples:


"I could not find the Apiarists code of conduct from the link!" (rating: 1 star)

Action taken: We updated the link to the Victorian Government's Apiary Code of Practice on the Bees and wasps page.


"Info provided: caddy liners by Greenmark Australia displaying both AS5810 and AS4736 and not white but lime green in colour. Can these be used? It seems unclear from above." (rating: 3 stars)

Action taken: We updated the FOGO bin page with the actual logos to make it clearer what caddy liners are acceptable.


"List how many cases of Covid are current." (rating: 1 star)

Action taken: We updated the Coronavirus (COVID-19) page with a new section about case numbers, linking to the page on the DHHS website with case numbers.

"By providing a photo/image of bin sizes for scaling purposes, as Whitehorse City does. There is no size info on our bins, so unless you're good at estimating, it's impossible to know what size bin you have. Also, my neighbours have a waste bin which is full size (120l) on the outside but does not have full capacity. I presume that's an 80l version." (rating: 4 stars)

Action taken: We are updating each of our bin pages with a table that shows heights, as well as volumes of bins so that people can more easily determine what size bin they have.


Thank you for participating in our digital transformation and helping us deliver the online experience you want. 

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