Getting around Boroondara

Strategic objectives

Travel options that are connected, safe, accessible, environmentally sustainable and well-designed.


Key figures

  • $1.8 million net operating cost
  • 95% of footpath defects remediated within timeframes specified in the Road Management Plan
  • 74% community satisfaction with sealed local roads

Case study

Annual commitment

Explore opportunities and implement actions to enhance wayfinding lighting on paths and shared paths to increase use and improve safety.

Project overview

Anniversary Trail missing link complete.

The Anniversary Trail is a popular trail for many by foot and bike within Boroondara. In April 2016, Council resolved to realign the Anniversary Trail between Riversdale Road and Prospect Hill Road at Riversdale Park, Camberwell. In order to achieve this, Council had to seek approval from the Department of Education and Training and the Minister for Education for the exchange of land required to realign the trail and complete the missing link. 

Significant works including the relocation of the existing car park to the western section of Riversdale Park were also required. The works were implemented in two stages to minimise disruption to the surrounding community.  

Project aims

The aim of creating this link was to improve the level of safety and access for cyclists and pedestrians by avoiding the on road section of the previous trail and allowing for a continuous 12km off road path for cyclists and pedestrians.

Project outcomes

This new shared path was completed in October 2020 and now provides a family-friendly off-road access route for cyclists and pedestrians of all ages to enjoy.
The works undertaken included:

  • Construction of a new 3.0m wide shared path between the rear of Spencer Road properties and the East Camberwell Tennis Club and Camberwell High School.
  • Widening and reconstruction of the existing shared path in Riversdale Park to current standards.
  • A pedestrian path for tennis club patrons next to the new shared path separated by a new tennis club boundary fence.
  • Relocation of the existing car park in Riversdale Park further west and replacement of the existing car park with open space.
  • Closing of the existing vehicle access point at the Spencer Road / Riversdale Road intersection to vehicular traffic and construction of a new vehicle access further north in Spencer Road.
  • Removal of vegetation and trees and new plantings and landscaping to supplement.  
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting along the shared path and the car park.
  • Shared path line marking and signage.
  • Upgrading the existing rear property fences for Spencer Road residents adjacent to the new shared path in line.