Some of our services are closed or have different hours on the public holiday before the AFL Grand Final – Fri 29 Sept 2023

During 2020-21, Council delivered the following services for every $100 that they spent:

Where your rates go Actual 2020-21
Capital works $22.50
Environment and waste management $12.97
Parks, gardens and sportsgrounds $9.98
Aged and disability services $4.29
Health, community and family services $5.45
Roads and footpaths $3.00
Planning and building services $5.00
Library services $6.10
Local laws enforcement $4.24
Culture, leisure and recreation facilities $1.91
Engineering and traffic $2.08
Priority projects $9.53
Communications and customer service $4.71
Rates and property services $1.32
Safety and drainage $1.22
Economic development $0.54
Civic centres and citizenship ceremonies $0.16
Total $100