Enhanced amenity

Strategic objective

  • Facilitate the process of urban renewal throughout the City to enhance amenity by efficient and effective permit issuing administration.

Key figures

  • ($1.7) million net operating cost  
  • 1,421 new planning applications received


Municipal Wide Heritage Gap Study 

Council has continued the assessment of all properties across the municipality to identify and protect valued heritage places of local significance through the introduction of heritage controls.

The study is underway with the Canterbury Heritage Gap Study Panel hearing conducted, the Camberwell Heritage Gap Study Panel appointed, the Kew East Heritage Gap Assessment preliminary consultation completed and the Balwyn Heritage Peer Review Panel appointed.

Paperless Office Project

Council has continued progress on the Paperless Office Project during 2017-18. The Paperless Office project will enable Statutory Planning to receive and assess all planning applications digitally by the end of the 2018-19 financial year.

The project involves removing paper from all application, enforcement and appeal services provided by Council. The planning enquiry and Tree Local Law application processes have now been made fully digital. Bluebeam Revu software was introduced in May 2018, enabling officers to assess and endorse plans electronically. 

Summary of other achievements 

  • Developed a building inspection and communication strategy for Rooming House Operators.
  • Developed and adopted the Domestic Animal Management Plan 2017-21.
  • Completed a study of the changes to tree canopy cover over time for the municipality.


  • An increase in major construction developments in most cases simultaneously, within the municipality has meant a greater focus was required in ensuring developers manage their construction to minimise the impacts to the community.