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When are my bins emptied?

Household waste and recyclables:

Green waste:

Download the Waste collection areas map to learn whether you're in an A or B collection area.

TIP: You can use Acrobat's Search field to find your street quickly.

Then, you can download the A–Z Guide for your area:

  • Area A - Green waste collection calendar 
  • Area B - Green waste collection calendar

The A–Z Guide contains a calendar of green waste collection dates and a list of what can and can't go in your green waste bin.

If you are unsure of your collection area, need additional information, or would like a hardcopy of the A–Z Guide, call Customer Service on 9278 4444.


Mobile bins belong to the City of Boroondara. Each bin has a serial number so Council can trace a bin to the property it was issued to. It is recommended that residents keep a record of the bin serial number and write their property number on the side of the bin. Bins must not be removed from the property if residents change address.

Our fortnightly green waste collection service reduces the amount of waste that needs to go into your household waste bin, so we can now offer residents smaller household waste bins and a reduced annual garbage charge.

Waste collection charges


Bin Annual fee
80 litre $190
120 litre $343
240 litre $836 (only available for residential properties with four people)
240 litre $686 (Concession fee for residential properties with five or more people, or a specific medical condition.)

Note: 240 litre bins are no longer available for households with three or fewer people.


Bin Annual fee
80 litre $190
120 litre $343
240 litre $836

A Waste Environment Levy – usually $87 – applies to properties not taking part in Council's kerbside collections. This levy helps pay for Council's street cleansing program, which includes street sweeping and the collection of waste from bins in parks, shopping centres and other public spaces.