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If you’re concerned about a tree that’s been damaged or removed, you can report it online, or call us on 9278 4444.

You may need a Planning Permit to remove, prune or do works near a tree, if the tree is: 

  • in a Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO) 
  • in a Vegetation Protection Overlay (VPO) 
  • in a Heritage Overlay (HO) 
  • on a property that’s over 4000 m2.

Overlays are managed by our planning scheme. If there is an overlay on a property, it means there are special features that need to be protected or managed carefully. 

Visit Planning Maps Online to find overlays on your property. 

If there are no relevant overlays on your property, check if the tree is protected under our local laws. You may need a different permit instead. 

Trees protected under local laws 

You may need a Tree Protection Local Law Permit to remove, prune or do works near a tree, if the tree is protected under our local laws. 

Trees are an important part of the Boroondara landscape. We protect certain trees under our local laws because they benefit the environment, and improve our quality of life. 

Protected trees in Boroondara can be one of the following: 

  • canopy tree 
  • significant tree. 

Find out if a tree on your property is protected. 

Pruning trees protected under local laws

Significant trees 

You may need a Tree Protection Local Law Permit to prune a significant tree. 

Canopy trees 

You don’t need a permit to prune a canopy tree. 

We recommend you use a professional arborist (tree specialist) to prune trees. 

Canopy trees need to be pruned to Australian Standard 4373-2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees. This is to ensure the trees stay in good condition. Discuss with your arborist what is involved. 

Doing works near trees protected under local laws

You may need a Tree Protection Local Law Permit if working within: 

Works include: 

  • building 
  • trenching
  • digging
  • compaction 
  • excavation 
  • filling or storage of materials and equipment (mechanical or manual methods). 

Calculate the TPZ

A TPZ is an area a significant tree needs for its root system to maintain its current condition. 

Calculate the TPZ on the Council Arboriculture Victoria website. 

Find out how to protect a tree during construction. 

Removing trees

You may need a Tree Protection Local Law Permit to remove a canopy tree or significant tree.  

Neighbouring trees 

If a tree on your neighbour’s property is causing a nuisance or damage to your property, speak to the owner first about your concerns.

You can remove branches from neighbouring trees that hang over your fence. You don’t need to get consent from your neighbour to do this. 

You can only prune from your property - you can't step onto your neighbour’s property to remove branches unless you have their consent. 

Learn more about managing trees on neighbouring properties. 

Help and information 

If you’re not sure what permit you need, or you want to ask us about a proposal, you can: 

For enquiries about council-managed trees (for example a tree on a nature strip or in a park), contact us on 9278 4444 

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