Protected trees in the City of Boroondara can be:

  • a significant tree
  • a canopy tree.

You may need a permit to remove, prune or do works near a protected tree.

Trees are a major part of the Boroondara landscape and offer us many benefits.

Our trees:

  • help to cool air temperatures in hot weather
  • increase property values
  • provide privacy
  • contribute to biodiversity.

Significant trees

These are outstanding trees that receive more protection because of their impressive size, age, rarity, ecological value, or cultural and historical significance. A significant tree can be a single tree, an avenue of trees or a hedge and may be on private property or public land.

  • Significant trees on private property receive extra protection under the Tree Protection Local Law.
  • Many trees on public land are also significant trees. Most of these are on council-managed land.

Find a significant tree

You can use the map below to find out if a tree on your property is significant.

  1. Type an address or suburb in the map to find significant trees nearby.
  2. Click on a tree icon in the map for more details about the tree, such as its height, age and why it's significant. 

The dotted green line around the trees shows the Tree Protection Zone (TPZ). The TPZ is an area around the tree that needs to be protected to make sure it remains healthy.

If you know of an outstanding tree on public or private land that might qualify as a significant tree, you can nominate a tree for recognition and protection on our website

Significant tree study

Our significant tree study has more details and photos of each tree. For a copy of the report, please email [email protected]

Canopy trees

These are trees on private land that contribute to the municipality's biodiversity, shade and privacy. These trees are protected by the Tree Protection Local Law.

Canopy trees have a trunk circumference of either:

  • 110 cm or more, measured at 1.5 m above ground level
  • 150 cm or more at ground level.

If the tree has multiple stems, the circumference is the total of the stems measured at 1.5 m above ground level.

Find out more about the Tree Protection Local Law

More information

For enquiries about trees on private property, call Statutory Planning on (03) 9278 4888.

For enquiries about council-managed trees, for example a tree on a naturestrip or in a park, call Environmental Sustainability and Environment on (03) 9278 4444.

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