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Trees are a major part of the Boroondara landscape. They offer us many benefits, such as helping to cool air temperatures in hot weather, increasing property values, providing privacy and contributing to biodiversity.

Trees on private property may be protected, meaning a permit is required before you remove a tree or carry out works in proximity to a tree. In some circumstances a permit will be required to prune protected trees.

Protected trees can be either a canopy tree or a significant tree.

Canopy trees

These are trees on private land that contribute to the municipality's biodiversity, shade and privacy. These trees are protected by the Tree Protection Local Law.

Canopy trees have a circumference of:

  • 110cm or more, measured at 1.5m above ground level; or
  • 150cm or more at ground level.

If the tree has multiple stems, the circumference is the total of the stems.

Significant trees

These are outstanding trees that receive a higher level of protection because of their impressive size or age, rarity, ecological value, or cultural and historical significance. A significant tree can be a single tree, an avenue of trees or a hedge and may be on private property or public land.

If you are aware of an outstanding tree on public or private land that might qualify as a Significant Tree, you can nominate a tree for recognition and protection.

Before you begin any works

Before you do any works within 2m of a canopy or significant tree on private land, or works that could damage the tree, you need to obtain a Local Laws permit. This is in addition to any Planning Permit or Building Permit that may be required.

To apply, see remove, prune or carry out works near a tree.

Significant tree citations

Citations are the specific details of each tree on the Significant Tree Register, including the tree's location, age, measurements and reason for significance.

Citations for trees added to the list after 2001:

Citations for trees added to the list in 2001 are in the Significant Tree Study, conducted to identify Significant Trees across Boroondara. In 2015, the study was updated to include significant trees on private land to protect them under the Tree Protection Local Law.

Contact details

For enquiries about trees on private property, phone Statutory Planning at 9278 4888.

For enquiries about Council-managed trees (for example a tree on a nature-strip or in a park), phone Parks and Gardens at 9278 4745.

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