We actively support a variety of community food growing and sharing initiatives in the City of Boroondara.

If you're thinking about creating a community garden, we highly recommend you explore opportunities for joining an existing community garden or creating a garden on private land or unused public land.

However, if you want to form a group and plan a new community gardening project on Council-managed land, then we can help you.

Our Establishing a new community garden on Council land booklet offers guidelines and ideas to help you get organised. It also outlines the process for requesting Council-managed public open space to be allocated for a new community garden, including:

  • useful information and resources for preparing your project proposal
  • key steps in the process Council uses to assess proposals
  • issues and risks to consider when developing and refining your proposal, including community consultation, governance, site and location, funding and investment
  • a proposal checklist and assessment timeframes.

You'll also find more information about community gardens on our Community gardens and food sharing page.

For helpful information about establishing a community garden, see the Community Gardens Manual produced by Sustainable Gardening Australia. This manual was produced with funding from the Helen McPherson Smith Trust to guide people on how to establish community gardens in fire-affected parts of Victoria. It provides practical information on planning, developing and managing community gardens.

For more information on community gardens and food growing and sharing, contact 9278 4011 or email Environment.

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