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Coronavirus update 13 March 2020

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What is the change we want to make?

Our vision for the future is to transform the Boroondara customer experience into one that places the customer at the centre and delivers a more seamless, convenient and empowering experience for all customers.

Current state

Model where the service is flanked by customers, each of who the service serves.

Customer Service Model

In a customer service model, customers have to navigate an organisation’s structure, to access products and services on an interaction-interaction basis.

Future state

Model where the customer is flanked by services and is viewed holistically by them.

Customer-centric Model

In a customer-centric model, decisions and services are designed with users at front of mind, to give customers the experience of the organisation moving around them

Our vision is supported by a set of principles which describe the future customer experience we want to deliver and guide our decision-making, design and evaluation of our success.

We are competent and confident in assisting and educating our customers. We know who can help them if we can’t and will connect them.

We are approachable, friendly and open with our customers. We use their language to talk to them and empathise with their situation.

We empower our customers and provide choice and convenience through user-friendly, reliable, available and intuitive touchpoints.

We engage empathetically with our customers to provide timely, proactive interactions that meet community and customer expectations.

We shield the customer from our internal operations to provide a whole-of-customer, ‘one- stop-shop’ or ‘single point of entry’.

We deliver cost-effective, efficient and valuable services that are insight-driven and prioritise a great customer experience.