The following conditions apply to all residential street parties in the City of Boroondara.

1. A street party is classified as a private event and is covered under Council's Public Liability Insurance Policy. A street party can only be held by people in residential properties.

2. Council’s Public Liability Insurance Policy does not include claims arising from:

  • Use of security personnel
  • Children’s rides
  • Animal rides
  • Amusement rides and devices
  • Inflatable play equipment, including jumping castles
  • Use of children’s toys and second-hand electrical items and tools.

If you want to use any of the above items at your street party, the street party organiser must arrange their own Public Liability Insurance Policy.

The following activities are not permitted at street parties:

  • Fireworks or pyrotechnics
  • Rock/pop concerts
  • Sports or games with a high risk of injury or damage
  • Any advertisements that invite non-residents to attend the street party.

3. The street party organiser must make sure people drinking alcohol in the road reserve comply with the relevant laws. The road reserve includes footpath, nature strip and road.

4. Street parties are allowed until 9pm.

5. The street party must be a single-day event and can run for up to 6 hours, but not longer.

6. The maximum length of a road closure for a street party is generally 200 metres and should be between intersections. Exceptions might apply, depending on the street network.

7. The street or section of street to be closed must have an average traffic volume of less than 2,000 vehicles a day.

8. Pedestrians must be able to use the street as usual while the street party is happening.

9. The street party organiser must immediately remove all barricades to let emergency vehicles into the closed street.

10. The street party organiser must make sure the street party complies with all Local Laws and necessary permits. 

11. You can't sell food, drink (including alcohol), prohibited substances or other articles on the road reserve. The road reserve includes footpath, nature strip and road.

12. The street party organiser must make sure partygoers respect the nearby residents in terms of noise, behaviour or parking.

13. Noise must be kept to a reasonable level so it doesn't annoy other people.

14. The street must be left clean and tidy. You mustn't damage any items within the road reserve. The road reserve includes footpath, nature strip and road.

15. Council reserves the right to take away the street party permit at any time.

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