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It's free to apply for an Accessible Parking Permit.

You might be eligible for an Accessibility Parking Permit if you have a significant injury or disability. You can apply for an Accessible Parking Permit as a driver, passenger or organisation.

There are different types of Accessible Parking Permits that allow you to park in accessible parking bays and/or park in regular bays for double the usual time, based on your needs. Visit the VicRoads website to find out which type of permit you are eligible for.

You can have one permit at any time and it is valid for the vehicle that the permit holder is travelling in – as a driver or passenger.

An Accessible Parking Permit does not allow you to park in restricted locations such as:

  • clearways
  • no standing zones
  • taxi ranks
  • bus zones
  • authorised residential areas.

Apply or renew permit

Your Accessible Parking Permit does not renew automatically. You must renew it when it expires.

Step 1: Complete the online form

You can apply for an Accessible Parking Permit on the VicRoads website.

Apply for or renew your permit online

You will get a reference number which you will need for step 2.

If you prefer to fill in a paper-based form, call (03) 9278 4444 or email [email protected].

Step 2: Visit your doctor or OT

After you have applied for a permit online, visit your doctor or occupational therapist.

They will complete an online assessment and submit your application to VicRoads.

Step 3: Collect your permit

Once your permit is approved, VicRoads will send your permit to us. We'll send you a confirmation email when it arrives. If you've elected to receive it by mail, we'll post it immediately.

Replace a lost, stolen or damaged permit

If you need to replace a lost, stolen or damaged permit, you can do this on the VicRoads portal. 

Replace a permit online

If you have lost your permit or it has been stolen, you must submit a statutory declaration detailing how and when the permit was lost or stolen to us. Your statutory declaration must be completed and signed by an authorised witness.

You can submit your completed statutory declaration when you collect your replacement permit.

If your permit is damaged, you must return the damaged permit to our local offices. You can do this after you have completed the form on the VicRoads portal. We’ll then issue you with a replacement permit.

Cancel a permit

If a permit has expired, is cancelled or is no longer required, you need to return it to Council offices.

If you misuse your Accessible Parking permit, we may cancel your permit and fine you. 

Using a permit interstate

You can use your Accessible Parking Permit interstate. Make sure you check rules and regulations to the state or territory you are travelling to as parking concessions may be different.