View photos of your parking infringement

We can take photos of vehicles when we issue parking fines.

Search for your infringement number and vehicle registration number to view the photo:

Parking infringement search

Use the photo to decide what action to take to resolve your parking fine.

It can take up to 2 business days after the date the fine was issued for photos to appear.

If you believe the photos are not of your vehicle, you can appeal your fine.

Sometimes we cannot take photos when issuing fines. For example, we do not take photos at school crossings.

Protecting your privacy

We store these images in a secure system.

Only our staff can access this system. They use it to process reviews and help with customer enquiries.

You can view the photos only when you provide the correct infringement number and registration number.

We only capture details that are available to the general public walking past your car in the street.

Types of parking fines

Parking fines are issued for different types of parking and road safety offences.

If you're not sure why you received a fine, read about some common parking offences below.

For more information about parking rules and signs, visit VicRoads parking page.

Parking longer than allowed

We issue this fine if you park in an area for longer than the sign allows.

This includes areas where:

  • there is a high demand for parking spaces
  • the period of time you can park for is limited.

This helps us make sure busy areas are available to all road users.

If you overstay for even a few minutes you can get a parking fine.

In a Permit Zone

We issue this fine if you park in a permit zone without a valid permit.

In areas with limited parking, parking spaces have been set aside for residents or other groups.

For advice on how to display residential or visitor permits check our residential parking permit page.

For advice on how to display your accessible parking permit, check VicRoads Conditions of use page.

In a Loading Zone, Taxi Zone or Bus Zone

We issue this fine if you park in a space that is zoned for a specific purpose.

This includes zones marked for loading, taxis or buses.

Only specific vehicles can stop in these zones, when:

  • delivering goods, services or people
  • picking up goods, services or people.

These vehicles are:

  • taxis
  • buses
  • trucks
  • vans
  • other vehicles used for delivery that have permanent signs fixed to both sides.

Magnetic signs are not permitted.

If there is no time limit on the Loading Zone sign, specific vehicles (above) can only park there for up to 30 minutes.

No Stopping zones

We issue this fine if you park in a 'No Stopping' zone.

No stopping zones are placed in busy traffic and high pedestrian areas, such as schools.

These zones protect the safety of pedestrians and keep traffic moving.

'No Stopping' means no stopping at all. You cannot stop to let someone out of, or into, a vehicle, even if you leave the engine running or stay in the vehicle.

Fail to Pay

We issue this fine if you park in a paid parking area without paying for a ticket.

In areas where there is a fee for parking, you must:

  • buy a ticket immediately after parking your vehicle
  • pay the correct fee to cover the total amount of time you park in this area
  • display the ticket as advised.

Faulty ticket parking machines

Most off-street parking facilities in Boroondara have several ticket machines.

If one machine is broken you must purchase a ticket from a working machine.

You can only use the parking space for the time limit shown on the signs, even if the ticket machine is not working.

If you park for a longer period, you could get a fine.

Other types of parking offences

Not all parking restrictions have a sign.

For example, you must not stop your vehicle if it is:

  • double-parked
  • in an intersection, or within 10 metres of one
  • across a lane or private driveway
  • on the wrong side of the road
  • on a footpath, reserve or nature strip
  • in a bus or transit lane
  • obstructing the flow of traffic
  • leaving less than 3 metres of road clearance for traffic to pass
  • opposite a continuous solid white line (unless there is 3 metres of road clearance between your vehicle and the line for traffic to pass).

Common misunderstandings about infringement notices

Sometimes there are misunderstandings about the information on infringement notices. Two common misunderstandings are:

  • the difference between time of issue and time of offence
  • that details about the car such as its colour, make or model are legally important.

The time of issue and offence

You may notice that the issue time on your notice is different to the offence time.

The offence time is when the parking offence occurred.

The issue time is when the officer:

  • finished entering the information into their device
  • issued the fine.

Vehicle colour, make or model

You may notice slight discrepancies, such as colour of the vehicle listed as ‘maroon’ instead of ‘red’.

Our parking officers do not legally need to capture these details.

Any discrepancies in these details do not impact your fine.

Pay or appeal your fine

You must pay your parking fine within 21 days.

Find out how to pay your parking fine

If you believe there is a good reason for you not to pay the fine, you can appeal your fine. We will only withdraw a fine in specific circumstances.

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