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Building Permits are legal documents. They are issued before construction begins to make sure the building work meets minimum standards for builders and occupants.

We can issue your Building Permit or you can choose a private building surveyor.

When you apply for a Building Permit with us, you'll get:

  • the benefit of local knowledge
  • a full permit and inspection service.

Before you prepare your application, we recommend you talk to:

  • an architect or draftsperson for building design advice
  • a building surveyor for technical advice if needed.

Hiring an expert helps make sure your design meets building legislation and makes it easier to get the documents you need for your application.

Apply for a Building Permit

Complete the Application for a Building Permit form below. Include the approximate costs of the works.

Submit the form and supporting documents either:

  • by email to [email protected]
  • by post to City of Boroondara, Private Bag 1, Camberwell Victoria 3124 (please provide your email address so we can contact you).

After you submit your application, we'll email you an invoice for the lodgement and Building Permit fees. 

  • The lodgement fee is $134.40.
  • Building Permit fees depend on the cost of building work. Owner-builders have to pay additional fees. Find out more on our Owner builders page.

Once you've paid the invoice, expect it to take 10 business days for us to assess your application. 

We'll contact you if we need more information. It will take us another 10 business days to assess any further information you provide.

We assess your application to ensure it meets various regulations, including:

If we approve your application, we'll send you your Building Permit and approved drawings.

What to include in your application

The following items are required for your application.

Architectural and structural drawings

One copy of each of the following:

  • site plan (minimum scale 1:500)
  • structural information
  • floor plans (minimum scale 1:100)
  • elevations
  • sectional drawings.

For detailed information about these items, visit our Architectural drawing guidelines for Building Permit applications page.

Copy of the Land Title and and an approved plan of subdivision (if you are subdividing land)

Apply for these items on the Landata website.

The Land Title will show any Section 173 agreements and existing covenants. You'll need to include this information in your Building Permit application.

If the title includes Memorandum of Common Provisions (MCP) details, supply a copy of the MCP. For more information about MCPs, contact the Titles Office on the Land Use Victoria website.

Other supporting items

Include further items as shown in the table.

Supporting itemWhen this is requiredHow to provide this
Copy of your your Planning Permit with approved plans

When a Planning Permit has been issued for your project. 

Make sure you have a Planning Permit if your project requires one.

You can apply for a Planning Permit and a Building Permit at the same time, but we can only process the Building Permit application after the Planning Permit is granted.

Find out how to apply for a Planning Permit.

Agent's Authority by OwnerWhen the permit applicant does not own the building.Complete the Agent's Authority by Owner section in the Building Permit application form.
Owner-builder certificate of consentWhen you are an owner-builder and the cost of building is more than $16,000.Apply for this on the Victorian Building Authority website.
Copy of the soil report

This is needed for a building with a footing system.

For some minor structures, such as light-weight garages or fences, you can submit a bore log profile. 

Request a soil report from a geotechnical engineer, or download and complete the bore log test form below.
Legal point of dischargeThis is needed to build a new home or commercial building on a vacant block.Visit our Connect to the stormwater drain page.
Project or home owner's warranty insurance by the builder

For domestic building works completed by a builder and costing more than $16,000.

This does not apply to owner-builders.

Get advice from the builder doing the work about how to get this insurance.
Building over easement approvalWhen the proposed building work is near or over an easement registered on the land title.

Get approval from the relevant authority listed on the land title, such as a sewage or stormwater authority. 

Find out more about easements on our Building over easements page.

Report and Consent 

When your design does not comply with the Victorian Building Regulations 2018.

This relates to siting aspects of the Building Regulations such as front setback, front fence heights, wall heights, or overlooking.

It can also relate to requirements such as fire safety, architectural features, or signs.

Get approval from council or the relevant authority. 

For more information visit our Report and Consent page.

Copy of structural drawings or computations with a 1507 Certificate of Compliance by a civil engineer

When the structural design has not been completed by an architect or draftsperson, or when the design falls outside the scope of the Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions of the Building Code of Australia.

Your designer or builder can provide guidance.

Get the drawings and certificate from a civil engineer registered with the Victorian Building Authority.
Protection works notices

When the building or excavation is near the boundary, another building or airspace of another building or property that requires protection works. 

Your building surveyor will identify this.

Seek guidance from your building surveyor.
Title re-establishment survey planWhen you are building near the title boundaries or fence line. This sets out the title boundaries and avoids building outside the boundaries.Get the survey from a licensed land surveyor.
Energy efficiencyAll new building works, except works with no energy efficiency measures such as front fences, must comply with energy efficiency standards.

Get evidence of energy efficiency from a thermal performance assessor accredited with the Building Designers Association of Victoria or Australian Building Sustainability Association.

Find out more about energy efficiency requirements on our Sustainable building and design page.

Copy of manufacturer's roof truss computations and layoutWhen your works include a roof or floor truss system.Get this from your truss manufacturer or supplier.

We'll contact you if any items are missing from your application. 

You can use our Building Permit checklist to keep track of the items you need for your application.

Other permits you might need

We'll tell you if you need other permits for your building project. These can include a: 

  • Planning Permit
  • Tree Protection Local Law Permit
  • Vehicle Crossing Permit
  • Asset Protection Permit
  • Road and Footpath Occupancy Permit.
You can only start building after you have all the permits you need.

Building inspections

Your Building Permit has information about required inspections throughout building works.

Arrange your first building inspection by calling our Building Services team on (03) 9278 4999. Your permit has instructions on when to do this.

Our building inspector will check the building site to make sure that all work is completed in line with the permit.

After the inspection you'll receive a Building Inspection Report with an approval or a 'Direction to Fix'. 

When you receive a Direction to Fix, the items listed must be addressed within the required timeframe.

Mandatory inspections continue until the work is complete and complies with building legislation.

Check if you need an occupancy permit

Check your Building Permit to find out if you need to apply for an occupancy permit.

This allows the building to be occupied after work is completed and approved.

The final inspection

After the work is complete we will conduct our final inspection. 

If we approve the work, our Building Services team will provide you with either:

  • a Certificate of Final Inspection
  • a Certificate of Occupancy.

More information

For more information or help with your application, email Building Services at [email protected] or call (03) 9278 4999.

If you're not sure whether you need a Building Permit, visit our Do I need a permit? page.

Find out how to pay Building Permit fees on our Pay building and planning fees page.

Find out more about private building surveyors.

If you are a business and need to find out what other permits you need, contact our Business Support Service using the details on our Start and grow a business page.

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