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Initiative 5

Improve management of paths used by both pedestrians and bicycle riders in formal gardens across the municipality.

Initiative 5 is in line with our guiding principle of Safe bicycle riding experience.

Boroondara has some formal gardens that are used by both bicycle riders and pedestrians. We understand that bicycle riders sometimes travel through these gardens at high speed, which causes conflict with other people using the paths.

Many of these gardens are located near Strategic Cycling Corridors (SCC). We may be able to reduce the number of cyclists travelling through the gardens at high speed by completing the SCCs. 

Alexandra Gardens

Actions to support Initiative 5

  • Develop a community education campaign around the use of paths in formal gardens. This includes promoting a low-speed shared space where pedestrians have right of way.
  • Provide protected on-road bicycle route options near formal gardens to offer convenient and safe alternative routes to bicycle riders.
  • Look into the possibility of banning cyclists travelling through formal gardens where there is a suitable alternative on the road, including Alexandra Gardens (Kew) and Read Gardens (Camberwell).