Careful management of excavation, demolition and construction is essential to ensuring that adequate levels of amenity are preserved for our residents and other stakeholders.  

For large scale projects or projects where there are particular issues such as significant site excavation, we require developers to submit a Construction Management Plan as a condition of their Planning Permit, to address potential amenity disturbances during construction.  

Once the plan is approved by Council, developers must carry out plan’s measures, as part of the Planning Permit.

Construction Management Guidelines

The Construction Management Guidelines detail the various bodies, both within the Council and outside of the organisation, responsible for issuing permits, enforcing statutory requirements and facilitating the regulatory guidelines that might typically be associated with the construction phase of new development.

The guidelines assist the permit applicant or developer to prepare a Construction Management Plan when required through a Planning Permit condition.

Construction Management Plan Template

The Construction Management Plan Template may also help guide the permit applicant/developer through various matters that should be addressed in planning and managing a construction project.

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