Before you begin a new development project or commence land use you may need to apply for a Planning Permit.

A Planning Permit gives you permission to use or develop land in a certain way. It makes sure the work complies with the Boroondara Planning Scheme.

After a Planning Permit is granted, you may also need a Building Permit to carry out the work safely.

You can lodge applications for a Planning Permit and Building Permit at the same time, but the Building Permit application can only be processed once the Planning Permit is granted.

Certain applications are eligible to be fast-tracked under VicSmart.

For Planning Permit fees as of 1 July 2018, see Victoria State Government planning and subdivision fees.

When do I need a Planning Permit?

If you are unsure as to whether you need a Planning Permit for your project, see do I need a permit?

Stage 1: Before you apply

The amount of detail you need to provide in a Planning Permit application will vary, depending on the planning controls applying to your land and the complexity of the project.

To help you understand what you need to include in your application:

Stage 2: Prepare your application

For all Planning Permit applications:

  1. Obtain a recent Certificate of Title. Use the Landata website to obtain this item. The certificate cannot be more than 28 days' old.
  2. Write a covering letter explaining your proposal.
  3. Provide a neighbourhood and site description, if required.
  4. Provide a design response or explanation of the proposed use. A design response is a plan that depicts how the proposed design responds to its context, including the opportunities and constraints of the site.
  5. Provide 3 copies of plans drawn to scale.
    • Plans should clearly identify existing and new buildings, floor levels and site levels, as well as any earthworks and vegetation removal. Include floor plans as well as elevations.
    • For applications that include the use of land, information such as a description of the business, opening hours and the number of staff will be required.
  6. Complete the Application for a Planning Permit.

If the estimated cost of the development is more than $1 million, provide a Metropolitan Planning Levy certificate.

Stage 3: Lodge the application

Lodge the form and supporting documentation to Council via post or in person.

We require all of the following documents to be submitted in hardcopy:

  • Two sets of all plans/drawings scaled at 1:100 and printed in colour
  • Two reduced sets of all plans/drawings scaled at 1:200 and printed in colour
  • One full copy of all supporting documentation and reports.

We also accept electronic submissions in electronic format in addition to your hardcopy application, which you can submit by email or on CD or USB.

Pay the application fee

There is a fee for applying for a Planning Permit, as set by Victoria State Government regulations.

View fees for planning and subdivision.

For options on how to pay, see Pay building and planning fees.

Further information

Learn about the assessment process for Planning Permit applications.

For more information or to organise a pre-application meeting, contact Statutory Planning on email Statutory Planning or 9278 4888.

For queries related to fee regulations, contact the Victorian Government Contact Centre on 1300 366 356, or email Planning Systems.

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