Before we can introduce a Heritage Overlay to a property or a precinct, a heritage assessment or study needs to be prepared that identifies properties of heritage value.

  • Heritage assessments focus on individual properties or a small number of properties and are usually the result of a building being under threat of demolition.
  • Heritage studies generally cover a large area such as a whole suburb or precinct.

Heritage studies and assessments are prepared by a qualified heritage expert engaged by Council in line with our Heritage Action Plan. Find out more about the plan on our Heritage Action Plan page.

Individual properties and precincts that have aesthetic, social or historical values important to Boroondara may be recommended for heritage protection as a result of the heritage expert's assessment. We consult with affected property owners at various stages of this process. Find out more about the process on our Heritage Overlay process page.

We have prepared and completed more than 20 heritage studies and numerous assessments dating back to the late 1980s.

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