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In July 2021, a community nomination was lodged with Council by interested community members to include Roseberry Street, Hawthorn East in the Heritage Overlay.

Officers referred the community nomination and associated background information to Council’s heritage consultant, Context, for assessment. Officers also commissioned Extent Heritage to carry out an independent peer review of the community nomination and the merits of including Roseberry Street in the Heritage Overlay. Extent Heritage were also provided with the material submitted by community members.

Context has re-affirmed its original position through the Hawthorn East Heritage Gap Study to exclude Roseberry Street from the Heritage Overlay. In the view of Context, the community nomination does not provide any compelling new evidence to call into question the decision to exclude Roseberry Street from the Heritage Overlay. The independent heritage assessment carried out by Extent Heritage confirms the position taken by Context, finding Roseberry Street does not meet the threshold for inclusion in the Heritage Overlay either as part of a precinct extension of the Brickfields Environs Precinct, or as a heritage precinct in its own right.

The professional advice provided by both heritage consultants is provided in the downloads section below.

For more information, please contact Robert Costello, Acting Principal Strategic Planner by email at [email protected] or by phone on (03) 9278 4537.

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