Do you want to consolidate separate land titles into one? Follow these steps.

Step 1: Engage a land surveyor

Licensed land surveyors are the only people qualified to determine the location of your title boundaries and create new title boundaries.

Land surveyors have access to SPEAR ­– the online system used by councils and all parties involved in planning, subdivision and/or consolidation processes.

The Association of Consulting Surveyors Victoria and the Institute of Surveyors can help you find a land surveyor.

Step 2: Submit an application for consolidation

Timeline: Approximately 21 days, or 6 weeks if we need to refer your application to an external authority.

You do not need to apply for a Planning Permit for consolidation. Your land surveyor needs to lodge your application online to Council via SPEAR with the following documents and non-refundable application fee:

  • the application for certification, completed and signed
  • a cover letter outlining the reason for the consolidation
  • legible, full and current copies of all Certificates of Title that are no more than 28 days' old
  • copies of any covenants recorded on the titles
  • a copy of the plan of consolidation showing the proposed lot layout together with existing easements.     

We assess applications online in SPEAR.

Step 3: New Certificate of Title

Timeline: Allow a minimum of 16 days for Land Use Victoria to process requests.

Once we have approved your application in SPEAR, Land Use Victoria must process the new Certificate of Title. Your solicitor can apply on your behalf. Once processed, the new title will be forwarded to your solicitor (if freehold) or to your bank if the property is mortgaged.

Council is not involved in processing Certificate of Title requests.

Further information

For more information, email Statutory Planning or contact the team on 9278 4888.

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