When you apply for a Building Permit you always need to supply:

The additional information you need depends on your project's circumstances.

To clarify whether an item relates to your application, email Building Services or seek advice from a building surveyor.

If we need information that is missing when you submit the application, we'll contact you to let you know what you still need to provide.

Additional item

When is this required?

How do I provide this?

Copy of Planning Permit with endorsed plans

Provide this if a Planning Permit is mandatory for your project.

For more information, consult the relevant guide.

Apply for a Planning Permit

You can apply for a Planning Permit and a Building Permit at the same time, but the Building Permit application can only be processed after the Planning Permit is granted.

Agent's Authority by Owner

Provide this if the permit applicant does not own the building.

Complete the Agent's Authority by Owner section in the Building Permit application form.

Owner-Builder Certificate

Provide this if you are an owner-builder and the cost of building exceeds $16,000.

You can get this from the Victorian Building Authority.

3 copies of the Soil Report

This is generally required for a building with a footing system.

For some minor structures, such as light-weight garages or fences, you may instead submit a bore log profile.

Obtain a Soil Report from any geotechnical engineer or complete a Bore Log Test where appropriate.

Legal Point of Discharge

This is typically required to construct a new dwelling or commercial building on a vacant allotment.

See Connect to the stormwater drain system.

Project or Home Owner's Warranty Insurance by the builder

Provide this for domestic building works that exceed $16,000 where the work is completed by a builder.

This does not apply to owner-builders.

Seek advice on obtaining this insurance from the builder engaged to complete the works.

Easement details

You would typically require Build over Easement consent if the proposed building work is near or over an easement nominated on the Certificate of Title.

Seek this approval from the relevant authority as listed on the title. This is commonly a sewage and stormwater authority, however, other authorities are occasionally required.

Report and Consent of Council

Provide Report and Consent if your design does not comply with the Building Regulations of Victoria.

Typically, this relates to siting aspects of the Building Regulations such as front setback, front fence heights, wall heights, or overlooking.

It can also relate to requirements such as fire safety, architectural features of a building, signs or public protection.

Seek approval from the relevant authority. Most commonly, this is Council, the Metropolitan Fire Authority or Country Fire Authority.

3 sets of structural drawings or computations with a Certificate of Compliance by a civil engineer

Provide these if the structural design has not been completed by the architect or draftsperson, or if the design falls outside the scope of the Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions of the Building Code of Australia.

Your designer or builder can provide guidance where required.

Obtain the drawings and 1507 Certification from any registered civil engineer in Victoria registered with the Victorian Building Authority.

Protection Works Notices

Protection Works are typically needed when the building or excavation is near the boundary, another building or airspace of a another building or allotment that requires protection works, as identified by the relevant building surveyor.

Seek guidance from the relevant building surveyor.

Title Re-establishment Survey plan

Provide this if you are building near the title boundaries or fence line, to establish the location of the actual title boundaries and avoid encroachments.

Obtain the survey from a licensed land surveyor.

Energy efficiency

All new building works, except works with no energy efficiency measures such as front fences, must comply with energy efficiency standards.

Find out more about energy efficiency requirements.

You can obtain evidence of energy efficiency from a thermal performance assessor as accredited with the Building Designers Association of Victoria or Australian Building Sustainability Association.

3 sets of manufacturer's roof truss computations and layout

Roof truss computations are required where your works include a roof or floor truss system.

Obtain this from your truss manufacturer or supplier.

Further information

For more information, email Building Services or call 9278 4999.

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