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You need to apply for a Promotion Permit if you want to run a promotional event on Council-controlled land (park, footpath, naturestrip, public car park or road). If you don't have a permit, penalties may apply.

Promotional events include:

  • promoting
  • spruiking
  • selling
  • distributing (giveaways)
  • any general activity that may cause disruption to the public.

How to apply

To apply for a Promotion Permit, you need to submit your application at least 10 business days before the event.

If your request involves more than one Council department or a non-Council authority, your application may require additional time to process. If you’re unsure and would like advice before lodging your application, please call the Local Laws team on 9278 4444.

Download and complete the Application for a Promotion Permit and submit it with any supporting documentation to Council:

The non-refundable fee for a Promotion Permit is $150. We'll send you an invoice if your application is approved.

You need to provide all the requested supporting documentation with your application for Council to assess your application.

We'll contact you if we need more information and we'll email you a permit if your application is successful.

If your event requires further Council permission, such as food business registration, health-related permits, traffic plans or a permit for commercial filming, additional fees may be charged.


Guidelines and conditions

  1. A direction by members of the Victoria Police or an authorised officer of Council must be complied with at all times.
  2. These guidelines relate to events that involve food:
    • If any food is to be sold, you must obtain an Application for Temporary Registration under the Food Act 1958 that is approved by Council's Health Services Department: phone 9278 4701.
    • All barbecues and cake stalls must be in the Trading Zone and must be placed at a 90-degree angle to the kerb. This allows customers to stand in front of and queue along the footway in the Trading Zone, leaving the Pedestrian Zone clear for people to walk past.
    • Customers must not be served on the side of the barbecue, cake or street stall that faces the Pedestrian Zone.
    • The structure, screen and all staff who are cooking or serving must stay within the Trading Zone.
    • Cardboard, or similar material, must be placed on the footpath to absorb any food or other spillages.
    • Stallholders selling homemade cakes and the like must be at least 30m from any cake or pastry shop.
  3. Unless stipulated under the special conditions of a permit, a maximum of two representatives with no more than one representative at the time is to be on either side of the street.
  4. An event, activity or representative linked to the use of a permit shall not cause any obstruction or nuisance in the street.
  5. A representative linked to a promotion will not be permitted to promote after 6pm in the evenings, unless special consideration is given and appears on the permit.
  6. Any person involved in the occupation of council controlled land shall ensure that footpaths and the entrances to businesses are not obstructed at any time.
  7. Approval of the business in front of whose premises you intend to occupy Council controlled land must be obtained by the business owner or supervisor. If in writing, this evidence must be included in the application. If a verbal agreement is provided, contact details of the person providing authorisation must be included in the application.
  8. No flyers are to be handed out to pedestrians.
  9. The use of amplifiers is prohibited.
  10. The promotion is to take place in the Trading Zone (there must be a minimum Pedestrian Zone clearance of 1500mm between representatives and the wall of the premises and a minimum kerbside zone clearance of 600mm between the kerbside and representatives) leaving the Pedestrian Zone clear for people to walk past.
  11. No street furniture is to be placed on Council controlled land without express permission by the City of Boroondara.
  12. A copy of the permit must be carried by the collectors during the course of their duties, and council reserves the right to withdraw the permit at any time.
  13. Non-compliance with the provision of the permit may result in the cancellation of the permit and the application of penalties.
  14. Council reserves the right to cancel the permit at any time and for any reason.

For further information, contact Local Laws on 9278 4949.

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