Apply for a residential parking permit

If your street is in a residential parking permit zone or has time restricted parking areas of 1 hour or more, you can apply for a residential parking permit.

There are 2 types of residential parking permit:

  1. Specified Vehicle Permit
    • for a vehicle registered at your address; or a vehicle registered to a company which is driven by someone living at your address
    • the permit is permanently displayed on the lower left corner of the vehicle's windscreen.
    • please note: if you're issued a Specified Vehicle Permit, it cannot be misused (for example, used for different vehicle)
  2. Visitor Parking Permit
    • for vehicles visiting your address or your own use
    • the permit is displayed on the dashboard on the left side of the visiting vehicle.

Residential parking permits are free of charge. Depending on your address, you can apply for up to 3 permits (see 'Number of parking permits allowed' below).

How to apply

Apply for a residential parking permit

Or download the Application for a Residential parking permit and submit to Council offices.

With your application, include:

  • One of the following, in your name and showing the property address:
    • Rates notice
    • Current utility bill
    • Current lease agreement (signed by both the landlord or agent and tenant/s), or a letter from the landlord confirming tenancy
    • Current house and contents insurance policy
    • Contract of sale 
    • A current health care card; pensioner card; or bank/credit card statement.
  • For Specified Vehicle Permits:
    • vehicle's registration with the property address, or insurance paperwork showing that the vehicle is kept at the property.
  • For company cars:
    • a letter on your company's letterhead outlining vehicle lease arrangements and confirming the vehicle is kept at the property.

Once you’ve submitted your form, within 28 days you'll receive:

  • your permit
  • a request for more information; or
  • a rejection and the reason why.

If you need a temporary permit while your application is being assessed, you can apply in person at any of our Council offices.

Number of parking permits allowed per property

Type of property Number of permits allowed

Single home or 2 on a property

  • 3 Specified Vehicle Permits; or
  • 2 Specified Vehicle Permits and 1 Visitor Parking Permit; or
  • 1 Specified Vehicle Permits and 2 Visitor Parking Permits

Multi-unit dwelling

If your unit or apartment was built:

  • after July 2011: you're not eligible for a residential parking permit
  • between 2001 and July 2011: you may not be eligible for a residential parking permit (we'll let you know when you apply).
  • 1 Specified Vehicle Permit; or
  • 1 Visitor Parking Permit

Property above a business (above a shop)

  • 1 Specified Vehicle Permit, following an inspection by a Council officer
Shared housing establishment (boarding or rooming house)
  • 2 Visitor Parking Permits (application to be made by the manager)
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