• There are 2 types of permits depending on your disability.
  • You can apply for a permit as a driver, passenger or organisation.
  • You can apply for a temporary permit.
  • A permit is automatically cancelled when it expires.
  • You can either renew or reapply for your permit, depending on the code.
  • Your permit is valid throughout Australia.
  • There is no fee for a Disability Parking Permit.
The Disabled Persons' Parking Scheme operates in Victoria. See VicRoads for more information on the scheme.

Two categories of Disability Parking Permit are available - blue and green - each with different parking concessions based on a person's needs. Which permit you are eligible for is based on the VicRoads assessment criteria.

Parking is free for Disability Parking Permit holders and fees to park in a space do not apply.

A Disability Parking Permit doesn't allow you to park in restricted locations such as clearways, no standing and no parking areas, taxi only areas, bus zones, authorised resident areas, and so on.

It's important to note that a Disability Parking Permit is only valid for the vehicle that the permit holder is travelling in (as a driver or passenger).

How to apply

You can only have 1 Disability Parking Permit at any one time.

There is no fee for a Disability Parking Permit.

  1. Download and complete the relevant form:
  2. Submit your application form and any documentation by mail to Council offices.
  3. Once you’ve submitted your form, within 28 days you'll receive either:
    • your permit
    • a request for more information; or
    • a rejection and the reason why.

To find out what documentation you have to provide with your application, see VicRoads assessment criteria.

Make sure your permit is clearly displayed so the permit number and expiry date are visible from the exterior of the vehicle.

Cancel a permit

A Disability Parking Permit is automatically cancelled after the expiry date. We can also cancel a permit if it's not used correctly. Penalties can apply if you misuse a permit.

If a permit has expired, is cancelled or is no longer required, you need to return it to Council offices.

Renew a permit

To renew a Code A or Code B permit when it expires, see renew a Disabled Parking Permit.

When a Code C or Code D permit expires, you need to reapply.

Lost, stolen or damaged permits

If a permit is lost, stolen or damaged, you need to sign and submit a statutory declaration to Council offices. Once we receive your statutory declaration, we'll issue you another permit.

Using a permit interstate

Disability Parking Permits are recognised throughout Australia, however, parking concessions may be different in other states and territories. We recommend you check the conditions in the place you are visiting. See VicRoads for more information.