Each residence is allowed up to 3 residential parking permits as standard, depending on the type of property.

If you need more than 3 permits, you can apply for an additional Specified Vehicle Permit as long as:

  • it's for a vehicle registered to the address
  • there are at least 23 metres at the front of the property to park legally
  • vehicles can enter or exit abutting driveways safely.

Additional residential parking permits are free of charge.

How to apply

Only the original permit holder can apply for an additional Specified Vehicle Permit.

  1. Complete the Additional residential parking permit application form
  2. With your application, include:
  • the vehicle's current registration or insurance paperwork, showing that the vehicle is registered at the same residential address
  • for company vehicles, confirmation on company letterhead that it's a company vehicle

Make sure you include all the correct documentation with your application. Submitting incorrect documentation may cause your application to be rejected.

  1. Within 10 business days, you'll receive either:
  • your permit
  • a request for more information; or
  • a rejection and the reason why.

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