You'll need to amend your current residential parking permit if you:

  • change your vehicle: in this case, your current permit needs amending to reflect your new vehicle registration number.
  • change the permit type: for example, you want to change from a 'visitor' to a 'specified vehicle' permit, or vice versa. In this case, depending on eligibility, your current permit needs to be cancelled and a new one issued.

What to do

Only the original permit holder can apply to amend a current parking permit.

Apply to amend your parking permit online

  1. Alternatively, you can complete the residential parking permit amendment form
  2. With your application, include:
    • For a change of vehicle:
      • the new vehicle's registration or insurance paperwork, showing that it's registered at the same residential address
      • the documentation must show the vehicle registration number and garage address which must match the permit location
      • for company vehicles, confirmation of it being a company vehicle on company letterhead.
    • For a change of permit type:
      • return the permit no longer required with the form.
  3. Return the form and supporting documents by mail to Council offices.
  4. Once you’ve submitted your form, within 10 business days you'll receive either:
    • your amended permit
    • a request for more information or
    • a rejection and the reason why.