Grounds for a review of a parking fine

You can request a review of your parking fine based on one of the following 5 legal grounds, as set by the Victorian State Government.

For most of these, you'll need to attach evidence with your request for a review (outlined below).

For more information on the type of fine you've received, read our Understand your parking fine page.

1. Special circumstances

Special circumstances apply if the person who received the parking fine was affected at the time of the offence by:

  • homelessness
  • family violence (which results in the person being unable to control conduct which constitutes an offence)
  • a mental or intellectual condition, or a serious addiction to drugs or alcohol, that meant that they:
    • did not understand that the behaviour was against the law, or
    • couldn’t control the behaviour that was against the law (even if they knew it was against the law).

Attachment needed: evidence from a medical practitioner, social worker or drug and alcohol counsellor.

2. Contrary to law

This means that you believe no parking offence took place. An example of this is receiving a notice for parking in a Loading Zone on a Saturday when the zone rules apply Monday to Friday.

Attachments may be needed to show the information on the signage.

3. Exceptional circumstances

Exceptional circumstances are events that were unforeseen, for example:

  • a medical emergency
  • temporarily parking a damaged vehicle, directly following involvement in an accident
  • mechanical breakdown.

Attachment needed: documentation that supports the exceptional circumstance, including its time and date.

4. Mistake of identity

This means that either you weren't the driver who committed the parking offence (the car was stolen or driven by someone else), or your registration number was recorded incorrectly.

Attachments needed:

  • if committed by another driver, complete the Nomination statement form
  • if the wrong registration number was recorded, provide a copy of your car registration certificate
  • if your car was stolen, provide a copy of the police report.

5. Person unaware

This means that you were not aware that you had an infringement notice. You must make an appeal within 14 days of becoming aware of the infringement notice. You are not entitled to apply for appeal under this ground if you have moved address and not notified VicRoads within 14 days of change of address.

Please note that Council will not withdraw your infringement under this ground and will only consider waiving additional costs as may be warranted.

Attachment needed: you must provide evidence to support your claim that you were unaware.

Reasons we’re unable to withdraw a fine

  • not seeing or misreading a parking sign
  • being delayed at an appointment or being in a hurry
  • finding nowhere else to park
  • moving your vehicle from one parking space directly to another between the same parking signs
  • parking for a very short time
  • not displaying a valid parking permit
  • believing that because the meter was broken there were no restrictions
  • leaving the vehicle because you, or a passenger, needed to use the toilet
  • leaving the vehicle to get change or running out of change
  • making an error when using the parking meter
  • stopping to let a passenger in or out, or to make a quick delivery
  • stopping to answer your mobile phone.

For more information, email Council or phone 9278 4444.

Note: while we can't do a review of your fine over the phone, we can answer any queries you may have about it. However, we won't accept rude, abusive or disrespectful comments.

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