Coronavirus update 13 March 2020

COVID-19 restrictions: what's closed and what's open.

Parking fines need to be paid within 21 days. You can pay the fine:

Pay a parking fine online

If you have query about your parking fine, please contact us.

If you have lost your ticket and want to know your infringement number, please call customer service on 9278 4444 with your car registration number.

Reasons we’re unable to withdraw a parking fine

We can only withdraw a parking fine if it satisfies one of the legal grounds set by the Victorian State Government.

We haven't withdrawn fines in the past for these common reasons:

  • not seeing or misreading a parking sign
  • being delayed at an appointment or being in a hurry
  • finding nowhere else to park
  • moving your vehicle from one parking space directly to another in the same parking area
  • parking for a very short time
  • not displaying a valid parking permit 
  • believing that because the ticket parking machine was broken there were no restrictions
  • leaving the vehicle because you, or a passenger, needed to use the toilet
  • leaving the vehicle to get change or running out of change
  • stopping to make a quick delivery
  • stopping to answer your mobile phone
  • making an honest mistake
  • stopping beside a parked vehicle waiting for another driver to return and drive their vehicle away.

Apply for a review

In some specific cases, there are grounds to appeal the parking fine. Read these grounds before asking for a review.

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