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Coronavirus update 13 March 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance and support.

Our improvement strategy

At a glance

From a customer service model to a customer-centric model.

The customer's experience will be:


We are competent and confident in assisting and educating our customers.


We are timely, proactive and empathetic.


We are approachable, friendly and open.


We provide a holistic, one-stop-shop experience.


We provide choice and convenience.


We deliver cost-effective, efficient and valuable services.


We will pursue these strategic objectives:

Improve our online information

Align and improve our customer channels

Improve our customer interactions

Streamline our customer touchpoints

Develop a culture of evaluation

Simplify and clarify our customer processes



By pursuing our strategic objectives, our customers will:

  • have a consistent, positive experience with us
  • understand what Council can and can’t do
  • are informed, educated and understand us, our role, our services and our processes
  • have increased choice and convenience in interacting with Council and its services
  • can rely on Council, our information and advice
  • are supported to achieve their goals
  • feel known to us as a whole and real person
  • feel empowered to interact on equal terms
  • are informed of the outcomes of their queries, concerns and activities with us
  • see the changes their feedback produces and feel empowered to influence our improvement
  • value Council and the community it supports
  • trust Council and rate us highly.