Vicky Browne, artist

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Thu 13 June 2019

Artist Vicky Browne discusses her sound art work, Cosmic Noise, on display as part of Sounds Like. 

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Hi I’m Vicky Browne and I’m an installation sound artist.

This work is called Cosmic Noise which, it’s about the fifth time I’ve put it together and each time it sort of morphs into something else.

There’s a drum in the middle so when you walk into the middle you’re sort of surrounded by all the works, which I quite like.

So it’s like you’re in the middle of a constellation of works.

I’m interested in the way materials operate and inform us and the way that our senses, in particular our ears, relate to the way how we know materials, so that’s the kind of basis of it.

But it basically consists of a set of different kinetic sculptures that make sound using different materials. 

The ceramics which is a stoneware from Spain, it’s really easy to use ceramics and when it gets fired at a really hot temperature it goes black, which I really like, it looks like rock. I especially like kind of 1970s craft aesthetics.

I play around with stained glass window techniques and kind of copper foiling techniques and I guess, use traditional craft techniques so there’s a real handmade quality to everything.