Thank you to our volunteers

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Mon 20 May 2019
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It's National Volunteer Week and a big thank you to all the many volunteers who helped make Boroondara such a special place.

The theme for this year is making a world of difference, and volunteers you do make a world of difference. And a quarter of you do volunteer, Boroondara residents are very community minded.

In preparing for the Boroondara Community Plan, we spoke to nearly 12,000 of our residents and one of the things they told us was very important to them was a sense of community. We know that being involved in volunteering gives people just that, a real sense of community. Our volunteers tell us that they really enjoy making a difference but they also get a lot back from the work they do.

A really big thank you to all our Volunteers who make such an important contribution to the Boroondara community. Thank you for the work you do.