Steven Rhall, artist

Arts and culture
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Mon 8 July 2019

Artist Steven Rhall discusses his work and his approach, on display as part of the For Love or Money exhibition at the Town Hall Gallery.

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I think there’s a desire that sits between the artwork and the person engaging with that art that involves desire.

‘For love or money’ – it’s sort of like making you think about one or the other. The crux of this show is the range of contributors considering their own relationship to these two ways of thinking about being an artist and also what supports art within an Australian context.

My contribution I’ve entitled ‘I want it that way.’ My contribution considers a history of the presentation of art and cultural practice by First Nation people, so it’s considering desire of, I guess, a white audience when they’re encountering works that they might consider Aboriginal art.

How I tend to work is in my head. I have these various ideas about desire and encountering an artwork coming to align with, I guess, the material and the spatial. And then there are small details which I’m very considerate of the audience moving through the space and sort of creating their own sort of story as to the ideas I’m thinking about – perhaps maybe a logic behind what I’ve come to present.

I’m really interested in how an audience might have a conversation with the work. It really does act like a book: the subjectivity of each person’s encounter will naturally sort of evolve into their own conversation and story that they have with the work.