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Wed 13 May 2020
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We'll be doing something a little different tonight in this meeting than in the last meeting rather than me going around the room asking for those who are opposed to say yay or nay in this meeting I'll ask you to raise your hands and for those in favour and if you can keep your hands in the air and I will call out your name and they will be recorded by Mr Thompson.
So I will ask for those in favour to raise their hands all those in favour, now just Steve if you wouldn't mind I need you to hold your hand up higher because I can't see it. Steve Hurd could you hold your hand up higher because I can't see your hand in the air. Not quite getting through um Steve could you put your hand on your head? Lucy if you wouldn't mind following up that. Thank you all right all those in favour and I can see councillor Sinfield councillor Parke councillor Thompson councillor Wegman councillor Addis councillor Hollingsworth councillor Healey, still struggling there to see Councillor Hurd we'll get back to that, so and myself so mr. Thompson we have a majority vote and the meeting is now resumed thank You councillors.

Welcome everyone to tonight's special council meeting, my name is councillor Cynthia Watson and I'm the mayor of Boroondara. I'll now invite councillor Thompson to please read the prayer and with us being in a virtual world we will not be up standing this evening for that to occur so I'll now pass to councillor Thompson.

Thank you madam mayor. Almighty God we humbly seek your blessings on this council direct and prosper in its deliberations to the advancement of your glory and the true welfare of the people of the city of Boroondara, amen. 

Thank You councillor Thompson. City of Boroondara acknowledges the traditional custodians of this land and respects their customs and traditions. Before we proceed further this evening I'd now like to invite councillor Sinfield to say a few words on behalf of our Council to express our collective sorrow for what happened, terrible tragedy on the Eastern Freeway so Councillor Sinfield if you wouldn't mind sharing.

Thank you madam mayor and might I note your audio is a little scratchy for your future reference. As the ward councillor for the Boroondara police station and as a current serving police officer and the chair of the municipal Community Safety Advisory Committee I would like to acknowledge the horrific collision on the eastern freeway last week on the 22 April and pass our condolences to the families of those officers lost. The four members being leading senior constable Lynette Taylor senior constable Kevin King constable Glenn Humphress and constable Josh Prestney. 

I would also like to acknowledge the first responders and community members many of whom are city Boroondara residents or work within the city of Boroondara who came to their aid. It meant a huge amount to the officers and their family to have such wonderful community support and the outpouring of community grief and support for Victoria Police has been immense. So on behalf of the city of Boroondara I pass our condolences to the families and to the colleagues and to the friends of those four officers killed last week thank you.
Thank You councillor Sinfield and my apologies for those who have been struggling to hear me as I've tried to speak and chair this meeting so I trust that it's better now yep I'm getting the thumbs up so I'll now proceed with the balance of the meeting and again thank councillor Sinfield for her heartfelt remarks and know that we all share that sentiment.

The health and safety and well-being of the community has and will always be the paramount consideration of the council. Council continues to be guided by government directions and wants to be able to do the right thing for the health of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 omnibus emergency measures act 2020 passed by the Victorian Parliament on the 23rd of April 2020 included changes to the Local Government Act 2020 which affected the conduct of council meetings. The changes became effective from the 1st of May 2020. Council is now able to hold virtual meetings and councillors can participate in meetings remotely by electronic means of communication. This is necessitated changes to the existing operation of the council meeting. The special council meeting is being live-streamed on the council website so you will be able to view the Proceedings of the meeting, councillor deliberations and voting. The meeting is also being recorded and will be made available on the council website as soon as practicable after the meeting.
We are conducting our first virtual meeting this evening so please excuse us in advance should we experience any teething problems. Should technical problems being encountered by the council then the meeting will be adjourned until resolution or postponed. I'll start by introducing my fellow councillors and officers who are present for this meeting councillor Jack Wegman, councillor Felicity Sinfield, councillor Jane Addis, councillor Lisa Hollingsworth, councillor Jim Parke, councillor Steve Hurd, councillor Phillip Healey, councillor Coral Ross, and myself councillor Cynthia Watson.
I would now like to call on each councillor in turn and ask them to declare that they are present at the meeting and my apologies for not doing this earlier so my apologies we will proceed in order. Councillor Wegman are you present, present. Thank You. Councillor Sinfield, yes I'm present. Councillor Addis present thanks Mayor. Councillor Hollingsworth, present madam mayor. Councillor Parke, I am indeed. Thank You. Councillor Hurd, can we find councillor Hurd is he present. I will skip to councillor Healey, present madam mayor. Councillor Ross, present madam mayor. Thank you. We're having some technical difficulties with councillor Hurd and on his behalf and knowing that he was present a few moments ago I will declare councillor Hurd present for want of a few technical problems which we will iron out in the course of the evening.

We also have chief executive officer mr. Phillip Storer in attendance this evening along with our director of City Planning Shiran Wickramasinghe, director of Community Development Carolyn McLean, director of environment and infrastructure mr. Daniel Freer, the director of customer experience and business transformation mr Bruce Dobson, executive manager people culture and development Carolyn Terry and manager of governance mr. David Thompson, and assisting him this evening governance projects officer Elizabeth Manou. There are also a number of officers in attendance tonight and they will be introduced as they present their report.
I will now move on to the order of business as listed on our papers, mr. Thompson have we received any apologies for the meeting this evening. Through you madam mayor we haven't received any apologies for the meeting this evening but councillor Parke is trying to attract your attention. Thank You mr. Thompson. Councillor Parke. Thank you just to obtain clarification I'm afraid the mayoral powers all be them wide aren't wide enough for you to declare present somebody who is not. It seems to me that for whatever reason councillor Hurd isn't present and obviously the minutes will need to reflect that but if that's not the case could we be advised. Thank You councillor Parke I've been advised by IT that he's rebooting his computer and he'll be with us momentarily. When he joins us I will ask him to declare himself present. 

Councillor Thompson, thank you madam mayor also declaring that I am also present here. Thank You councillor Thompson and up there you are you had got off my screen and I hadn't seen you so thank you for declaring your presence. 

Moving on to item 1 on our agenda declaration of conflict of interest of any councillor or council officer do we have any conflicts that need to be declared this evening, if you do if you could raise your hand. There being none we'll move on to item 2 the presentation of officers reports and we were going to hear from Miss Fiona Banks manager of Economic Development concerning the Balwyn North shopping and business centre marketing and business development fund, so I will now turn the time over to you Fiona Banks. 

Thank you madam mayor and good evening councillors. This evening's report is for Council to consider all submissions and objections received and to determine whether to declare the Balwyn North shopping and business centre marketing and development fund which will run for a five-year period from the 1st of July of this year through the 30th of June 2025. On the 11th of November 2019 council resolved to give public notice that its intention to declare the scheme. On the 11 February council gave public notice of the proposed scheme. It also sent written notice of the proposed scheme to all affected owners and occupiers. Council invited submissions and objections regarding the proposed scheme to be lodged by the 11th of March 2020. In response Council received two submissions regarding the proposed scheme. This equates to 2.7 percent of the 72 rated properties in the proposed scheme area. 

The two submissions were requesting consolidation of three properties into one property. Council officers support the request and have amended the proposed scheme accordingly. The proposed scheme renewal funds a range of marketing and promotional activities for the centre, this includes employing a centre coordinator, maintaining centre directory implementing marketing events, graffiti management, promoting business relationships and centre advocacy. As fewer than 50% of those are required to pay the proposed special rate and charge lodged an objection Council is able to declare the proposed scheme. It is considered that the level of objections received does not warrant any delay in declaring the proposed scheme and as such recommend it be declared as set out in the officers recommendation thank you.

Thank you very much miss Banks. Councillors are there any questions for the officers this evening, if you could just raise your hand and indicate that you would like to ask a question. Doesn't appear to be any questions this evening miss Banks so ask if there is anyone who would like to move  a motion for our consideration this evening. Councillor Hollingsworth, you are happy to move that motion, yep. Do we have a seconder, councillor Addis thank you very much. Councillor Hollingsworth there's a move of the motion would you oh before we do that is there anyone opposed to the motion this evening, if you could raise your hands. There being none councillor Hollingsworth as the mover of the motion if you'd like to speak to that.

Thank you madam mayor and thank you miss Banks for the presentation. Certainly delighted to support the officers recommendation being involved with council in excess of three and half years as a councillor I understand the merits of having the scheme place and the positive attributes not just to the traders but obviously to the community as well and whether it be something to do with assistance with marketing or the important graffiti removal and vandalism type of issues that are reported and attended to is crucial for the welfare of the community by keeping the precinct looking its best that it can be it certainly is appreciated by all, thank you.

Thank you very much councillor Hollingsworth and councillor Addis before I invite you to speak is the seconder of the motion just so that councillors are aware we are still attempting to resolve the technical issues with councillor Hurd. Councillor Hurd was recorded as present when the meeting was first adjourned so his presence is still recorded as attendance of the meeting we're doing all that we can to work him towards being able to attend but under the rules that we are currently operating under we have quorum so therefore we will proceed with the meeting so still working through the difficulty.

Councillor Addis as the seconder would you like to speak to the motion now or would you like to reserve your right? I'm happy to speak briefly now - just to echo what councillor Hollingsworth has said but also to notice the level of support of the businesses involved clearly they value it as much as as other traders similar schemes so thank you to the officers for the work in facilitating this and the ongoing work to make sure this scheme runs smoothly thank you.

Thank you very much councillor Addis is there anyone else wanting to speak to the motion, there being none councillor Hollingsworth given that there was no further debate are you happy for the motion to be put. Happy to adopt the motion thank you. Thank you alright I will now put that motion to the vote remembering this time we're going to go show of hands that I will call their hands out as we go along, so I'll now put that motion all those in favour, those in favour are councillor Thompson, councillor Ross, councillor Sinfield, councillor Parke, councillor Addis, councillor Wegman, councillor Hollingsworth, councillor Healey, and myself. I declared that motion carried.

Moving on to item 3.2 on the agenda before us this evening councillors the recommendations of the Audit Committee meeting held on the 4th of March 2020 and that will be presented by mr. Bruce Dobson. Thank You mr. Dobson. Thank you madam mayor and through good evening councillors. Councils audit committee met most recently on the 4th of March. The report before you tonight provides an overview of the reports considered by the Audit Committee and the recommendations of the committee for councils consideration. The officers recommendation is that council resolves to adopt the resolutions recommended to Council by the Audit Committee contained in attachment 1. Happy to take any questions madam mayor. Thank You mr. Dobson Councillors are there any questions for officers this evening. 

Mr. Dobson there appear to be no questions so there being no questions I'm in search of a motion this evening, councillor Parke. Councillor Parke are you supporting the officers recommendation. Yes mayor. Thank you very much and I saw councillor Hollingsworth hand go up there first, Thank You councillor Sinfield did note that you were prepared to second so yes is there anyone opposed to the motion. There being none I will return to councillor Parke as the mover of the motion to speak.

I'll just be brief the recommendations make perfect sense and I'd urge my colleagues to support the motion. Thank you very much Councillor Parke. Councillor Hollingsworth would you like to speak now or reserve your right. I will speak briefly madam mayor thank you I support councillor Parke's comments and the officers recommendations as circulated. I just wanted to make note that obviously the summary of reports has limited detail in it but obviously the meetings are very lengthy robust discussion and due diligence given to every agenda item and every issue and would also like to just acknowledge that councillor Sinfield and yourself the mayor also as council representatives on the Audit Committee I thank you for spending time on the audit committee with you.

Thank Councillor Hollingsworth. Councillor Parke would like to make further comments, no are you happy for that motion to be put now. Alright I will now put that motion to the vote, all those in favour, and I will read the names out so councillor Hollingsworth, councillor Addis, councillor Ross, councillor Sinfield, Councillor Parke, councillor Thompson, councillor Wegman, councillor Healey and myself, I declare that motion carried.

Moving on to item three point three responses on regulatory impact statement and exposure draft electrical safety regulations 2020 we will be having a report given to us mr. MacKinnon the group manager of Parks and infrastructure, so mr. MacKinnon if you would be so kind to give you a report thank you.

Thank you madam mayor. The electricity safety electric line clearance regulations 2015 are due to expire on the 30th of June 2020. The draft regulations issued for consultation by energy safe Victoria do not change the level of pruning required for council trees. The main change to the regulations are the power energy safe Victoria issue infringement notices of over forty one thousand non-compliant tree. The review of these regulations presented an opportunity to strike the right balance between the safety and outage risks associated with power lines with amenity benefits of mature vegetation and environmental benefits of tree canopy in low bushfire risk areas of Melbourne. 

This sadly is an opportunity lost as esv have instead taken this as an opportunity to do little more than increase its enforcement powers. Council's submission has not refuted the risks associated with high-voltage power lines. The key point we have made is that the controls are inappropriately heavy-handed for low voltage power lines. The regulatory impact statements for the draft regulations states that of all power outages where trees were the cause, only 6% were due to contact by trees within the clearance space 6%. 

Officers assessment is that the regulations as drafted will have the following impact for Boroondara. The removal of approximately 1,300 trees, significant pruning and loss of canopy of approximately 650 trees, approximately $3.5 million in costs for removals, pruning and engineering solutions where those might be viable. And if that isn't done up to 41 million infringements. This level of cost to our community, amenity impact and environmental impact in response to the 6% of power outages where trees are identified as the cause, is considered inappropriate and heavy-handed. In addition to the matters I've outlined there are a number of other issues and opportunities presented in the attached paper and in council's submission to the draft regulations which I won't individually address tonight. 

The draft regulations will be presented to the minister of energy environment and climate change with a notice of decision to be published on 12 June. The regulations will be enacted at council meeting on the 23rd of June 2020. Councillors the recommendations in this report are to endorse the officers submission made on the draft regulations and to write to the Honourable Lilly D'Ambrosio Minister of Energy Environment and climate change regarding councils position on the draft regulations thank you.

Thank you mr MacKinnon and before I throw to councillors for questions I just wanted to welcome back Steve Hurd online and very glad that your technical issues have been resolved so councillors are there any questions for mr. MacKinnon in relation to his report this evening? There being none I'm in search of a motion, councillor Healey you're prepared to move a motion, as printed madam chair, thank you and councillor Ross you're prepared to be the seconder for the motion and I would like to ask is there any opposition to that motion tonight? There being none foreshadowed at this stage anyway councillor Healey as a mover of the motion would you like to speak? 

Just briefly madam chair I think I endorse mr. MacKinnon's work and his comments tree failure or tree blackouts as he said are 6% but I think what this also proves is that we have a regulator who seeks to have one standard across the state and of course in Boroondara where we have London plane trees which you can't set fire to as far as I know can't kill them in fact they kill everything around them I know of no one who's been able to rise to my challenge to show me where one of those street trees has caught on fire. So I think what we have is something that tries to deal with the rural areas who have many of these issues, we certainly do not and what we need to do is get instead of a one-size-fits-all solution some appropriate solutions for different regions but thoroughly endorse what the officers have put together in their report and hope that some common sense will be achieved when the minister has a look at this I support this for council's endorsement.

Thank You councillor Healey, now councillor Ross would you like to speak now or would you like to reserve your right. I'll briefly speak madam mayor just to say that to echo what councillor Healey has said and really this is taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut that it's so heavy-handed in the metropolitan area and it isn't a case that one size fits all there has to be some changes for metropolitan areas against rural areas so that the right balance can be can struck and the fact that we would have to have removed 1,300 trees and lose the significant canopy of 650 trees really shows to the effect that it's going to have, so fully endorse the officers work on this and their submission, thank you madam mayor.

Thank You councillor Ross are any other councillors wishing to speak to this item this evening, yes councillor Hollingsworth. Thank you madam mayor I just want to again echo the comments of my colleagues and thank the officers for their very diligent and detailed report and I also note the MAV report attached to the officers reports as well as on the website which is also very detailed and accurately portrays the the concerns we have. Clearly Boroondara is very proud of its urban forest and nature strip trees and public trees are to be commended as equal to heritage properties you know trees are likewise. 

A lot of them have been established for a long period of time they epitomize the beauty of Boroondara and they're very important to us all it's what attracts people to the area and it's what we love and I am pleased that council will strongly defend the retention of trees and also defend the need to have severe pruning because obviously if pruning can be ever reduced what I would call in some situations aggressive standard that that helps sustain the viability of the tree and the intense beauty of the trees so I certainly support the recommendation thank you.

Thank you very much councillor Hollingsworth if there's no one else who would like to speak to this motion I will now return to councillor Healey as the mover of the motion councillor Healey would you like to add some more remarks to what's been said tonight? Nothing further madam chair. Well if you're happy for me to put that motion to the vote I will do so, so all those in favour if you please raise your hands, and that is councillor Ross, councillor Sinfield, Councillor Parke, councillor Thompson, councillor Wegman, councillor Addis, councillor Hollingsworth, councillor Healey, councillor Hurd, and myself, I declare that vote unanimous thank you everyone for your participation in the debate tonight.

We will now move on to item 3.4 on tonight's agenda which is contract 202022 open space project and design panel and again we're going to have a report given to us on this matter from mr. MacKinnon the group manager of Parks infrastructure, so mr. MacKinnon over to you. So we appear to be having a few technical difficulties if you just bear with us for a moment. So we are still experiencing technical difficulties just bear with us for a few moments while I seek some advice thank you. Mr. MacKinnon if you would please give your report we can't see you on the screen but I believe you can be heard so if you wouldn't mind please proceed with your presentation. Just bear with us for another moment please councillors hold on. 

Councillors we're going to move on to item 3.5 and hopefully come back to mr. MacKinnon when the technical difficulties are resolved so if you could turn yourself to item 3.5 we're going to hear a presentation from mr. Adam Hall the manager of environment and sustainable living regarding contracts for electrical supply, mr. Hall.

Thank you madam mayor can I just confirm that you can hear me. Yes we can. Okay this report seeks council endorsement to enter into contracts for electricity supply from 1 July 2020. Councillors participation in the local government power purchase agreement to green renewable electricity was endorsed in August last year has been delayed. It is now expected to be led by the city of Darebin without the involvement of the Municipal Association of Victoria. As a result of this delay Council must now enter into new electricity contracts for 1 July 2020 in order to obtain ongoing supply and avoid high-cost default market rates. Three options for supply of electricity for councils large market sites and street lighting have been presented for consideration and endorsement. Options include the recommendation that council extends contracted supplying with origin energy for small market sites for a further 12 months. The preferred option is an alternate power purchase agreement being undertaken by procurement Australia. The new PA power purchase agreement is the only option that effectively provides a long-term solution to our electrical supply needs for the majority of councils electrical demand, ie large market and street lighting. 

The PA offer is for a 10 year fixed price contract, this offer is for renewable energy from Victoria and offers a number of advantages as outlined in the report. Most notably this option meets our greenhouse gas reduction targets demonstrates our commitment to environmental sustainability and offers substantial savings compared with what is predicted for purchasing green electricity through councils business-as-usual procurement. Although not recommended alternative options including joining the Victorian Government's state purchasing contract or participating in a tender being run by the MAV are also available to Council as short-term or interim options. 

In order to avoid expensive default market rates estimated to be more than 50% above existing rates council must make a decision tonight on the preferred supplier approach so that arrangements can be put in place for 1 July 2020. It's important to note the following cut-off dates for participation in 3 options, for the PA Power Purchase Agreement the cutoff is 12 midday tomorrow 5 May. For the MAV option the official participation deadline has passed although the MAV has indicated they will endeavour to accommodate our inclusion until tomorrow 5 May. The state purchasing contract has no cut-off date although they do require approximately 2 months lead time for the procurement process, hence the requirement for a decision. That concludes the report introduction and I'm happy to take any questions.

Thank you very much mr. Hall, councillors are there any questions for mr. Hall this evening, councillor Healey. So through you madam mayor to the officers can I just confirm that if we follow the officers recommendation which is basically items 1 to 4 that we will get the best overall buy price and we'll still be able to meet our targets? Yes through you madam mayor we will certainly be able to meet our high-end targets and we believe it's the best price on offer now for the purchase of green electricity. Okay thank you and I have a motion when you're ready madam chair. Thank you councillor Healey councillor Parke. Thank you I have two questions the first is why has this been delayed and the second is why is the MAV no longer involved because it's one thing to entrust something to the MAV but it's a very different thing to entrust something to the city of Darebin I think we needed explanation about those two points. 

Thank You councillor Parke through you madam mayor so in relation to the MAV and the buyers group we weren't provided with all the details of the negotiations however we understand that the main issue related to the engagement of the energy specialist energetics. The business case in the energy market assessment for the project was developed by energetics that were engaged by Darebin. In order for the MAV to take the contractual and procurement lead in the contract energetics were required to be engaged by the MAV and energetics would not agree to the contractual conditions proposed by the MAV. So that's essentially where the breakdown occurred and those negotiations led to the delay in the local government power purchase agreement and that's why we've now been now looking at the PA power purchase agreement.

Councillor Parke does that answer your question? Well for tonight's purpose it does thank you there will be some further questions when we look at going forward but there is a decision obviously that requires to be taken tonight. Thank You councillor Parke. Do any other councillors wish to ask questions of mr. Hall, there being none I'll return to councillor Healey who foreshadowed a motion. The motion as printed madam chair. Thank You councillor Healey. Do I have a seconder for the motion this evening, councillor Parke thank you for that. Is there anyone opposed to the motion this evening, no one being opposed councillor Healey if you would please proceed to present the motion to us. 

Madam chair I thank the officers forward this alternate plan that they have brought to us. I never had an issue with buying 100% renewable power my concern was whether the parties could carry that work out and it appears that we've had some challenges getting there, so I'm very grateful that the officers have come up with this alternative arrangement to help us meet our targets and I'll just leave it at that. Thank You councillor Healey, Councillor Parke would you like to speak now or reserve your right? I'll speak now I don't have much to say but I guess what I would like to say is that I'd like the extraneous rs taken out of clauses one a and B the word is contractual. yes noted Thank You councillor Parke, and I'm sure mr. Hall has noted your comments there. Is there anyone else wishing to speak to the motion, yes councillor Hurd. Councillor Hurd you're still on mute you need to take that off yep good to go. Okay I can't take it off of mute am I off mute now? You are. 

Beautiful I can't control that unfortunately first of all apologies for my interruption I we dropped out but we're back in now. I think it's vital that we maintain these targets and our focus on renewable energy. It's disappointing that things couldn't happen the way that we hope they would but I think officers have done very well to bring us into alignment and to be able to recover the situation as quickly as they have so I support this motion thank you. 

Thank you very much councillor Hurd if there is no one else who would like to speak I'll return to councillor Healey as the mover of the motion, councillor Healey. Thank you madam chair just briefly I think the report really says it all it shows where we were headed it shows the challenges that we faced Mr Hall's explanation was particularly of assistance we've explored a number of different options but I think where we've landed helps us to keep on track and I really do thank the officers for finding this alternate position which they should never have had to find but I thoroughly endorse where we've landed now for councillors in our support we'll leave it there. 

Thank you very much councillor Healey I will now put that motion to the vote all those in favour please raise your hands, we have hands from councillor Healey, councillor Ross, councillor Sinfield, councillor Parke, Councillor Thompson, Councillor Wegman, councillor Addis, councillor Hollingsworth, councillor Hurd and myself I declare that motion carried unanimously.

Councillors we've resolved our technical difficulties concerning items three point four so if you could please return to item three point four we will now hear the report from mr. MacKinnon regarding the open space project design panel so mr. McKinnon over to you thank you. Thank you madam mayor can I can confirm you can hear me, okay thank you. Council is seeking to appoint qualified and experienced consultants to a design services panel for open space projects. Tender evaluation panel has assessed all tenders received against both quantitative and qualitative criteria and is satisfied that the recommended consultants can perform the required works and demonstrate best value for money.

Contract term is three years with a possible extension of two years for a maximum term of five years. The contract value is estimated for the maximum five-year term as six hundred and forty nine thousand excluding GST. Council officers will invite panel members to quote based on their specialized set of design skills and resources for each particular project over the license contract. Councillors it is recommended to award this contract. 

Thank you very much for your report mr. MacKinnon councillors is there any questions for mr. MacKinnon this evening, there appear to be no questions on anyone's mind so I'm in search of a motion, so councillors is there anyone happy to, thank you Councillor Addis to bring forward a motion for us this evening, and councillor Hollingsworth to second. Councillor Addis if you would like to speak to the motion. Thank you very much so I support the officers recommendation largely because it just seems to make such common sense, it feels like a very efficient way to handle something aspects of our open space something that's so important to our community, it gives us flexibility but I think it also gives us security so thank you to the officers for bringing this forward and I support it. 

Thank you very much councillor Addis. Councillor Hollingsworth would you like to speak now or reserve your right. I'll speak briefly madam mayor thank you. I just wanted to also support the officers recommendation obviously as I've indicated one thing that's come out of the coronavirus is how much our community values their open space, parks, gardens, recreational reserves have been abuzz with activity and I think those that perhaps weren't utilizing them in the past are certainly utilising them now whether it be for leisurely walks taking the dog out bike riding with the children or interacting in whatever way but then obviously also our sporting clubs will reap the rewards from this and it's wonderful to see the renewal of training lights, the field sport strategy there's so many elements encompassed in this I think it's a wonderful initiative and very pleased to support it thank you.

Thank you very much councillor Hollingsworth, is there anyone else wishing to speak to this motion and apologies for not asking if there was opposition to this motion, there being no one wanting to speak to the motion councillor Addis are you happy for the motion to be put, you need to come off mute, I am thank you chair. Thank you councillor Addis I will now put that motion to the vote all those in favour please raise your hands, we have consent from councillor Parke, councillor Ross, councillor Sinfield, councillor Thompson, councillor Wegman, councillor Healey, councillor Hollingsworth, councillor Addis, councillor Hurd and myself I declare that motion carried unanimously. 

Councillors if we could please move to item 3.6 having dealt with 3.5 previously that's three point six were on yes it is indeed, revised instruments of appointment and authorization for statutory planners and we will hear a report from mr. Thompson so mr. Thompson over to you. My apologies councillors item 3.6 this evening has been withdrawn and so it is not a matter for our consideration this evening and if I could now return to item 3.7 and the report from mr. Thompson thank you. 

Thank you madam mayor through you councillors, before you tonight is the revised instrument of appointment and authorization under the Planning and Environment Act for officers in the statutory Planning Department. The appointment of authorized officers is purely administrative exercise no substantive changes have been made to the instruments. The amendments are purely reflective of staff turnover within the statutory planning department. Please note due to the stage implementation of the Local Government Act 2020 section 232 of the Local Government Act 1989 was repealed on the 1st of May 2020 and replaced with section 3 1 3 of the Local Government Act 2020. Therefore the instrument of appointment and authorization has been altered to reflect these changes. A copy of the change appears on the screen in a few moments. I therefore commend the officers recommendation to you as set out in your business papers this evening.

Thank You mr. Thompson for your report are there any questions for mr. Thompson this evening and just bear with me for a moment I need to have the instrument of appointment and authorization removed from my screen so I can see everyone, so if that could be taken down and proceed to ask for questions, thank you very much. Are there any questions for mr. Thompson this evening, councillor Hurd. 

Thank you not a question just foreshadowing to move the motion as printed. Thank you very much councillor Hurd. There don't appear to be any questions for mr. Thompson this evening councillor Healey is there a question you'd like to ask, I'm ready the second what councillor Hurd has put forward. Alright given that there appear to be no questions this evening councillor Hurd I'll return to you as you foreshadowed a motion. 

Thank you madam mayor look there's very little that I can add other than what mr. Thompson perspicaciously stated in a very quick and summary way that we need to make these changes as a result of changes to the local government act staff turnover these are not reflective of broader delegations which council made early in March earlier this year around the COVID-19 issues these are entirely separate just for the benefit of those watching on the livestream these are purely about the planning area and I don't know whether council will always have had some correspondence about those broader delegations but I'd emphasize this is a narrower delegation around specifically around the planning jurisdiction that we have so I commend this motion and thank mr. Thompson for his very quick and erudite work. 

Thank You councillor Hurd. Councillor Healey are you prepared to second the motion? I am but I don't know that it was opposed so therefore I don't need to speak to it. I'm going to ask that question now is anyone opposed to this motion, there being none councillor Healey you've indicated that you are not going to speak this evening, no not going to speak. Alright councillor Hurd with your consent I will now put that motion to the vote, yes I have that, yes absolutely. Thank you very much I'll now put that motion all those in favour please raise your hand and I'll call out your names, councillor Addis, councillor Ross, councillor Sinfield, councillor Parke, councillor Thompson, councillor Wegman, councillor Hollingsworth, councillor Healey, and Council Hurd and myself I declare that motion carried unanimously.

Councillors were moving into general business for this evening and there any items of general business, just one moment please. Councillors I advise that this being a special council meeting contrary to what's on your agenda there is no items from general, urgent or confidential business so I now declare the meeting closed.