Meet our people - Jacinta Barnes

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Tue 9 April 2019
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Hi I'm Jacinta Barnes. I'm the Program Change Manager for the Boroondara Customer First Program and I've worked at the City of Boroondara for 5 years.

One of the reasons why I enjoy coming to work is because of the people I work with - my own little team that I have in terms of the change in comms team and then the wider team that I'm part of in terms of Boroondara Customer first but also I have a chance to work with so many different people across the organisation and what I love is people's really genuine authentic commitment to the work that they do which again is about making a difference to the community in which we operate for.

Fundamentally that's why so many people work in local government because it's that chance to really make a difference to our local community you have the opportunity to put forward your thoughts and your ideas and then that's a really great thing because you can then see what you've given into a project or into something that you're working on as seeing an actual outcome and that's very satisfying to people to see that happen.

There are so many different opportunities for you to develop yourself here at City of Boroondara and then for those people who are really comfortable doing what they do and they love just the focus of their work there's also opportunity to stay working in that role as well and really making a difference to our community. I would say to you come and work at the City of Boroondara because it's a fantastic place to work at and you will make a difference to the community.