Honor Freeman, sculptor

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Fri 22 June 2018

Sculptor Honor Freeman discusses Soap Score, her remarkable installation from Elevating the Everyday that features 656 bars of soap cast in porcelain.

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Speaker: Honor Freeman

One of the most important pieces that I feel like I’ve made to date is a piece called Soap Score. It’s made up of 656 used soaps that have been cast in porcelain. There’s this lovely thing that happens when you translate an object into porcelain via slipcasting. I feel like they’re kind of like ghosts. They sort of become these scentless objects that you, that permanently remember the object from before but they suddenly shift in that transmutation, I suppose, in that alchemy of something kind of turning from another material into porcelain. There was just one line that I’d Googled and it said, “You would use this many bars of soap over the period of your lifetime on average,” and I just thought, “Wow, what does that look like?” and, “How do we measure a life?” and so this project kind of organically came to be.