Balwyn Library visitor - Chloe

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Tue 8 May 2018

Chloe, a young library visitor, loves choosing books to read at Balwyn Library.

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Title slide:

Balwyn Library Redevelopment

Intro slide:

What Chloe likes best about her new Balwyn Library.

Chloe, Library User:

"My favourite thing is there’s more books to read, and if there’s more books, there’s more point of coming here so I can read more books.

Chloe, a 10-year-old girl in a sleeveless puffer jacket over a mauve top, is standing in front of a tall lime-green sofa. A bookshelf appears blurred in the background."

This footage is interspersed with photos of:

  • A young girl reading a book at a table in the kids’ section, with another girl looking at the shelf behind her
  • Chloe reading a book, with some blurred library users on the green sofa in the background

Final slide:

Boroondara City of Harmony