Theme 1: Celebration and belonging

Strategic objective: People with disability feel accepted by the community and can feel proud of their identity. 

What we will do

  • Engage people with disability, including from diverse backgrounds and community organisations, to hold a minimum of 2 community activities or events annually to recognise and celebrate dates of significance to people with disability (for example, International Day of People with Disability).
  • Consult with people with disability to develop and deliver a communication campaign that increases the community’s understanding of disability and addresses discrimination towards people with disability (also known as ableism).
  • Increase knowledge and understanding within Council by researching and incorporating best practice access and inclusion, accessible communication and universal design principles, and capturing these learnings in planning tools for use by the whole organisation.

What we want to achieve

  • People with disability feel that their contributions and achievements are celebrated and acknowledged.
  • People with disability feel included in the community and experience less disability-related discrimination. 
  • Council staff have a greater understanding and apply best-practice access and inclusion, accessible communication and universal design principles in their work. 
A group of people dancing in the park