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Council's Municipal Emergency Management Plan 2017 aims to help prevent and minimise emergencies and their impact on the community. It was developed by our Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (MEMPC).

Members of the MEMPC include representatives from organisations such as Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria, Metropolitan Fire Brigade, State Emergency Service, Red Cross, VCC Emergencies Ministry, Swinburne University, Parks Victoria, Centrelink and the YMCA.

The objectives of the plan are to:

  • identify hazards and determine risks
  • implement measures to prevent or reduce the causes or effects of emergencies
  • manage Council resources in response to emergencies
  • manage support with adjoining municipalities
  • help affected community members to recover following an emergency
  • provide details for Council relief and evacuation centres
  • complement other local, regional and state planning arrangements.

The Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) has several sub-plans:

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