From 2022, all children will be encouraged to attend 2 years of kindergarten before starting school.

All 4-year-old children are encouraged to attend at least 15 hours per week of kindergarten in the year before they start school. Attending kindergarten has many benefits and is strongly recommended.

When to start 4-year-old kindergarten

Each child is different, and we recommend carefully considering your child’s readiness before starting kindergarten, as this may have a flow on effect for when they start school.

When your child attends 2 years of kindergarten before starting school, this decision will be made before attending their 3-year-old kindergarten program.

If you choose to only attend one year of kindergarten before starting school your child has to be 4 years of age on or before 30 April to be eligible to attend 4-year-old kindergarten in that year.

If your child is born between 1 January and 30 April, your child can begin 4-year-old kindergarten in the year they turn 4 or 5.

Remember important dates

Calculate kindergarten dates and add them to your calendar.

How much 4-year-old kindergarten costs

Kindergartens set their own fees, which may include a fee to secure your child's place in kindergarten.

You can find fees for our central enrolment kindergartens on our website. For all other kindergartens in Boroondara you can use our kindergarten map to find their websites and contact details.

Find out more about kindergarten fees and subsidies.

How to enrol in 4-year-old kindergarten

If you are applying for a place in kindergarten in a long day care centre, an independent school, or a stand-alone kindergarten that is not part of the Boroondara Kindergarten Central Enrolment Scheme (BKCES) you will need to contact them directly. You can use our kindergartens map to find their websites and contact details.

If you are applying for a kindergarten that is a member of the central enrolment scheme administered by Council, see the Enrol in kindergarten page.

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