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All 4-year-old children are encouraged to attend at least 15 hours per week of kindergarten in the year before they start school. Attending kindergarten has many benefits and is strongly recommended.

Each child is different and we recommend carefully considering your child’s readiness before they start the 4-year-old program as this may have a flow on effect for when they start school.

When to start 4-year-old kindergarten

Each child is different and we recommend carefully considering your child’s readiness before they start the 4-year-old program as this may have a flow-on effect for when they start school. Your child has to be 4 years of age on or before 30 April to be eligible to attend 4-year-old kindergarten in that year.

If your child needs to repeat a year of kindergarten, fees for the extra year may be higher as the kindergarten may not receive funds from the government for this repeat year. Learn more about repeating kindergarten.

Remember important dates

Calculate kindergarten dates and add them to your calendar.

How much does 4-year-old kindergarten cost?

Kindergartens set their own fees, which may include a fee to secure you child's place in kindergarten.

You can find fees for our central enrolment kindergartens on our website. For all other kindergartens in Boroondara you can use our kindergarten map to find their websites and contact details.

Find out more about kindergarten fees and subsidies.

The Boroondara Kindergarten Central Enrolment Scheme

Most stand-alone kindergartens in Boroondara are members of the central enrolment scheme administered by Council.

How we allocate places

While generally all children applying to the 4-year-old kindergarten program in Boroondara receive a place by the end of the allocation process, we cannot guarantee to place your child in your preferred kindergarten.

We allocate places according to the preferences you nominate in your application and according to the criteria below.

  1. High Priority children: Children at risk of abuse or neglect including children in Out-of-Home Care, children who are identified as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, children with additional needs who require additional assistance to participate in kindergarten, require a combination of services which are individually planned and/or have an identified specific disability or developmental delay, asylum seeker and refugee children and children eligible for the Kindergarten Fee Subsidy.
  2. Repeats: Children currently enrolled at the kindergarten who have received funding for a second year of 4 year old kindergarten are placed at the same kindergarten.
  3. Deferrals: Children who were eligible to attend a 3-year-old program at the Member Kindergarten in the previous year but deferred or withdrew from the program in writing to BKCES on or before 30 April.
  4. 3-year-olds: Children who have attended and completed the 3 year old program at the Member Kindergarten in the previous year, and have applied for the 4 year old program at the same kindergarten.
  5. Siblings: Children who had a sibling attend and complete the 3-year-old or 4-year-old program at the same kindergarten, within a 5 year timeframe.
  6. Residency and proximity: Boroondara residents who apply to their closest BKCES Member Kindergarten.
  7. Residency: All other residents of Boroondara
  8. a) Non-Boroondara residents verified as high priority children.
    b) All other non residents

Note:  Auburn South PreschoolEstrella Preschool and Cara Armstrong Kindergarten have variations to the criteria. Please refer to their individual kindergarten webpages to check which criteria apply.

For more detailed information on kindergarten enrolments, download the BKCES Enrolment Policy below. 

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