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Disability Inclusive Employment Program

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Our free Disability Inclusive Employment Program will place local people with disability into meaningful employment opportunities with businesses in Boroondara and support these businesses with this employment. 

With this program, we aim to:

  • improve the confidence and capability of local businesses to attract, recruit and retain employees with disability
  • promote the social and economic benefits of being an accessible and inclusive business for employees and customers with disability
  • facilitate employment and training opportunities for local people with disability.

We will deliver the program in partnership with Villa Maria Catholic Homes (VMCH), and also with the support of:

  • Kew Neighbourhood Learning Centre
  • Alamein Neighbourhood and Learning Centre
  • CVGT Employment.

About the program

Participating businesses

Businesses that join the program will need to offer at least one meaningful employment opportunity to a person with disability based on their skills and interests. Meaningful employment includes such factors as the job being:

  • a source of economic independence
  • ongoing or with a significant prospect of becoming ongoing
  • fulfilling
  • inclusive.

We will provide participating businesses with support before the employment placement begins, and while the employee with disability is employed, through emails, phone calls, and face-to-face consultations. This will include support to access workforce subsidies, implement workplace adjustments, and develop customised employment opportunities which meet the needs of the business.

Participating businesses will also be invited to take part in a local community of practice, to share information, experiences, and connections. Participating businesses may also be asked to provide feedback on the program.

The organisations we are partnering with to deliver the program have extensive experience in supporting businesses to recruit and retain people with disability.

VMCH is an organisation based in Boroondara with over 100 years of experience supporting people with disability. They will provide one-on-one support to prospective employees and businesses. Their social enterprise Jobs Skills program is an award-winning success, having recently won the 2022 Victorian State Government Award for Excellence in Employment Outcomes category.

Supporting the employees

Before they begin their employment, prospective employees will have been trained in job ready skills to successfully start working in their areas of interest. This training teaches prospective employees about:

  • employer expectations and work conditions (such as working in a team and punctuality)
  • occupational health and safety
  • navigating a workplace environment.

Once employed, these employees will be supported on the job by VMCH’s Employment Mentors. They will also work closely with the business. The mentor will ensure the new employee:

  • understands the tasks of the job and how to complete them successfully
  • learns the business’s processes
  • understand expectations within the business.

The mentor will also work alongside the new employee until they can work independently and have learnt all the functions of the job. Ongoing support will be provided through regular check-ins with management and the employee.

Program benefits

The benefits for businesses participating in our free program include:

  • connecting with motivated and job-ready staff
  • developing the confidence and capability to recruit a diverse workforce, including people with disability
  • accessing expertise and resources to support them to become more inclusive and accessible for people with disability
  • receiving training and support to identify appropriate employment opportunities within the business
  • receiving ongoing training and support to recruit, onboard and retain employees with disability.

The ongoing benefits of employing people with disability include:

  • disability-inclusive businesses grow profits more than four times faster than their peers
  • workers with disability have higher rates of retention, better attendance and fewer occupational health and safety incidents than those without disability
  • people with disability have a positive work attitude and work ethos, and hiring people with disability can boost productivity and morale in the workplace.

How to apply

As a business, you can apply for this program by filling in our application form.

Apply as a business

If you are a person with disability who is looking for employment, you can find support on the Job Access Website.

More information

For more information on the program, you can contact us by emailing [email protected] or by calling us on (03) 9278 4444.

This program aligns with our goals in the Boroondara Community Plan 2021-31 (BCP), which you can see on our Boroondara Community Plan 2021–2031 page.

It also aligns with the Boroondara Disability Access and Inclusion Plan and Economic Development and Tourism Plan, which you can see on our Policies, plans and strategies page.

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