Visual merchandising is a time-tested retail concept that focuses on enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a product or store to attract customers. 

The colours you use in your shop windows, the lighting inside your store and the displays that greet customers as they enter all contribute to the customer's experience and leave a lasting impression.

We provide a range of support to help you make the most of visual merchandising to encourage sales.

Visual merchandising workshops

We offer visual merchandising training sessions on demand. 

If you have a venue in your shopping centre that could accommodate 8 to 10 people for a visual merchandising training session, we’ll come to you.

For booking details, call 9278 4444 or visit On demand workshops.

 Attract customers throughout the year

As seasons change, so do customers' behaviour and expectations.

Design inviting Christmas windows with our tips on creating window displays.

Visit Kickstart sales after Christmas to learn how to give your shop a fresh look after the festive season.

Avoid a sales downturn in wintery weather with business tips for the colder months.

A clothing display arranged according to colour themes

Free handbook

We provide a free comprehensive handbook to help you build you visual merchandising skillset.

You'll learn

  • how to create a welcoming shopfront
  • lighting and display techniques
  • how to work with image, branding and identity.
Caps, jackets and backpacks on display at a local clothing retailer.

To request a copy of our visual merchandising handbook or find out more about how we support local business, email [email protected] or phone 9278 4444.

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