COVID-19: some of our facilities have reopened. You must be fully vaccinated to enter.

We introduced temporary outdoor trading spaces across Boroondara from late 2020 to help the local economy recover and support businesses to operate in a COVIDSafe way.

The Victorian Government determines when retail and hospitality businesses can reopen for outdoor trading. To find out more, see the Victorian Government’s Roadmap to Deliver the National Plan

Types of footpath trading permits

To place items outside your shop or business, you need a footpath trading permit. This is to make sure footpaths are kept clear for pedestrians and that traffic or access to properties isn't obstructed.

To support your business in recovering from COVID-19, we have committed to make your application as easy as possible.

There are 2 types of short term footpath trading permits:

  • a temporary footpath trading permit 
  • a permit to make your footpath trading space larger. 

Both permits are valid for 6 months and we have waived these permit fees until 31 March 2022.

You can still apply for a standard, long term footpath trading permit. This permit has an annual fee.

Apply for a temporary footpath trading permit

To trade on the footpath outside of your business for the first time, you can apply for a temporary footpath trading permit if: 

  • The footpath is wider than the legal minimum of 2.9 metres for outdoor dining.
  • Your street furniture is clear from loading zones, accessible parking, and tram and bus stops. 

If the space you want to trade on extends in front of your neighbour's business, you will also need their permission in writing.

If you already have a footpath trading permit, you do not need to apply for a temporary one. Existing permits are extended until 31 March 2022.

Apply for a temporary footpath trading permit online

Apply to make your footpath trading space larger 

If you already have a footpath trading permit, you can apply to make your footpath trading space larger if:

  • Your neighbouring businesses are happy to support your application in writing.
  • The footpath is wider than the legal minimum of 2.9 metres. 
  • Your street furniture is clear from loading zones, accessible parking, and tram and bus stops.

To apply, complete the application form then email it to boro[email protected].

Download application to make your footpath trading space larger

Rules for using the footpath

To trade on the footpath, you must follow our Commercial Street Furniture Guidelines. The guidelines provide more information about footpath trading rules and restrictions. These include:

  • minimum kerb clearances
  • correct ways to arrange and display your items
  • standards for portable and real estate signs
  • rules for temporary cafe and community barbecue.
Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not permitting the use of a barbeque or cash register in your outdoor trading area. This will be in effect until 31 March 2022. You must also maintain 0.75m from your neighbouring outdoor dining site to make sure you are complying with the 1.5m social distancing requirements.

The image shows where the trading zone is in relation to your premises.

The pedestrian zone is a 1.5 metre wide strip between the edge of your premises and the trading zone.

The trading zone is between the pedestrian zone and the kerbside zone. It is where you sell goods such as clothing or place furniture such as tables and chairs. No cash registers are allowed in the trading zone. The maximum height of any display is 1 metre.

The kerbside zone is a 600 mm wide strip between the trading zone and the road. The kerbside zone needs to be wider in front of some parking bays:

  • 800 mm wide for 90 degree parking
  • 1000 mm wide for accessible parking bays
  • 1000 mm wide for loading zones

Some Council assets may affect where you can put your goods and furniture. These assets include:

  • street seating
  • parking meters
  • rubbish bins
  • kerb lines at intersections.

When can you start using the footpath?

If your application is approved, you can place your items on the footpath subject to COVID-19 health orders. We will contact you if there are any additional requirements for how to place your street furniture. 

Apply for a long term footpath trading permit

Step 1: Submit your application

Complete the application form then email it to [email protected] with "Footpath trading permit - local laws" in the subject line.

In your application include:

  • a current business registration certificate
  • a current certificate of public liability insurance for a minimum of $20 million

Applications may take 10 business days to process.

Step 2: Review and design

When we’ve received your application, we will calculate the trading zone area and help you design an outdoor floor plan. This plan will ensure that your items and their placement meets the guidelines.

Step 3: Approval

If your application meets the guidelines, we will send you the permit in the mail.

You must clearly display your permit on the front door or window of your business.

Permit renewals

We'll post you an option to renew your permit before your permit is due to expire.

More information

For more information please email our Outdoor Trade team at [email protected] or call 03 9278 4879.

Outdoor trading on private land 

You may have space on your property that can accommodate outdoor dining, like a courtyard or onsite car park.

Businesses can often use or set up temporary buildings in these spaces without needing to apply for or change an existing planning permit.

In some cases the law requires a planning permit, for example if the property is within the Heritage Overlay.

To find out if you need a planning permit, contact our Planning team on 03 9278 4888 or email [email protected].

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