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To help you get moving more quickly, we have listed some situations where you might need a permit below. If you have any questions or need some guidance, feel free to use our Business Support Service.

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Times you may need a permit or registration

Deciding to start or grow your business is an exciting step. Whether you’re a new or established business, you may need one or more permits to operate.

Changing your operations

You may need a planning permit if you want to:

  • Change the use of your premise (e.g. retail to medical centre, restaurant to fitness centre)
  • Run a home-based business
  • Change trading hours or number of patrons on your current planning permit
  • Sell or consume liquor

Learn about the planning permit process.

Apply for a permit for a home-based business.

Changing your premise

You may need a planning permit if you want to:

  • Build or change your existing premise interior (e.g. to increase floor space)
  • Change the number of car parks due to a change of use or premise capacity
  • Display advertising signs

Learn about the planning permit process.

You may need a building permit if you want to:

  • Carry out internal works or a fit-out
  • Change the exterior building structure (e.g. increasing window or door sizes)
  • Change any fire and safety measures (e.g. fire hydrants, fire hoses, exit signs)

You may also need a traffic permit if the changes affect traffic conditions.

Learn about the building permit process.

Using the footpath

If you would like to put tables and chairs on the footpath or display goods or advertising boards, you'll need a permit.

Apply for a footpath trading permit or call 9278 4949 to speak with Local Laws.

Opening or buying a food business

If you want to open a food business or buy an existing food business, you will need a permit.

Learn about food business permits or call 9278 4701 for advice.

Opening or changing a health, beauty or accommodation business

If you want to start or change a:

  • Health or beauty business (e.g. hairdresser)
  • Accommodation premise (e.g. hotel)

Email Health Services or call 9278 4701 for advice.

Alternatively, you can register a new health or beauty business.

Running a domestic animal business

To run a pet shop, puppy training centre, breeding establishment, animal shelter or boarding establishment for dogs or cats, you need a permit.

Apply for a domestic animal business permit or call 9278 4949 to speak with Local Laws.

Parking in car parks for extended periods

You may be eligible for a permit to park all day in designated areas in some car parks in Boroondara as part of our Traders Parking Permit Scheme.

Register an aquatic facility

If your business or service facility has a pool, spa or interactive water feature on site you need to register it with us.

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