Council uses an online tendering system, eProcure, to manage our tendering process.

You can use the eProcure website to:

  • view open tenders
  • download tender documents
  • submit a tender response online.

If this your first time using eProcure, you'll need to register. Registration is free.

If you're already registered, you can:

Submit a tender response

We can only accept tender responses via eProcure. We cannot accept hardcopy, emailed or faxed submissions.

For questions about the tendering process, email Tenders or contact Council Procurement on 9278 4323.

Late tenders

eProcure automatically locks at the closing time, stopping any unfinished uploads and your tender response from being submitted.

It is your responsibility to make sure all your tender documents are fully uploaded before the closing time. We cannot accept late tenders.

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