There are many exciting initiatives that we will introduce for your benefit over the next few years.

A new online booking system

We are introducing a new booking system so you can book free and paid venues, outdoor spaces and individual resources that we own and manage.


  • A simple way to access our facilities when you need them 
  • A one stop online shop for you to find, compare, book and pay for our events and facilities
  • Book at a time that suits you   

A more personalised experience

We are introducing new technology and systems to make sure we have the information we need to provide the best support for you.


  • Targeted communications and notifications
  • A more efficient way to manage your queries and requests, including self-service options

New ways to connect with us

We want to make sure your preferred way to connect with us and access our services is available to you. 

Alongside website, email, phone and our customer service centres, you will be able to contact us through live chat and social channels. 

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