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We've delivered some fantastic initiatives since our Transforming Boroondara journey began. There are now many new, convenient ways for you to access services and connect with us.

We are also introducing new tools and technology to improve service delivery across Council and, where possible, reduce our cost to serve at the same time.

On our Current and upcoming Transforming Boroondara page, you can find out what projects are next on our list.

Mobile tools for field workers

We recently upgraded the mobile tools our field workers use daily out on location to deliver a better service for our community. This includes maintaining our beautiful trees, road and footpath works, taking care of drainage maintenance, turf, and playground audits.

Our field teams are now equipped to complete inspections and respond to maintenance requests from anywhere, on any device.

Benefits include:

  • Better access for our teams to information
  • Faster response times to service requests
  • Less duplication of effort and less administration.

Skip bin permits online

Registered skip bin companies can now apply and pay for a skip bin permit online through Service Victoria. 
Benefits include: 

  • Faster processing times 
  • Time savings for local businesses 
  • Simpler upfront payments instead of invoicing. 

An easier way to book library meeting rooms

Online booking makes it easier to compare available library meeting rooms, book at a suitable time and (in most cases) pay online.  

We’ll continue to simplify online bookings for other free and paid spaces, including outdoor spaces and individual resources that we own and manage. 

Benefits include:

  • A simple way to access our venues and facilities when you need them 
  • A one-stop location for you to find, compare, book and pay for meeting rooms online
  • The ability to book at a time that suits you.

Improved hard waste collection

We have recently digitised Council’s hard waste collection process. Our drivers have replaced paper schedules and manual reporting with a mobile app and iPads that they are now using in our hard waste trucks.

Better information flow between our drivers and the team at the waste depot is achieved through the app and a connected digital dashboard. The result is a more coordinated service, and the status of customer-requested collections are now updated in real time.

Benefits include:

  • A more coordinated hard waste service
  • A faster and up to date response when you contact us.

Data and analytics dashboards

We are using new data and analytics dashboards to:

  • centralise our information
  • improve how we operate
  • provide a more seamless and efficient service for the community.

Benefits include:

  • More informed, data-driven decision making
  • Enhanced service delivery
  • Faster responses to your requests and enquiries
  • Less duplication of effort and less administration

Some examples of how these dashboards are being used are listed below.

Overseeing works in Boroondara

When you contact us about works happening in your area, our Customer Connect team now have a centralised view of all works happening across Boroondara.

We have upgraded our spatial data platform to make this possible, and created new digital map-based tools that enable:

  • More streamlined planning and execution of Council works
  • Our teams to issue permits more effectively
  • Faster responses when you contact us

Strategic asset management

New dashboards are enhancing how we use data for our asset plans in the major areas of:

  • drainage
  • open space assets
  • buildings
  • transport and roads.

As a result, we have improved our ability to:

  • forecast and manage maintenance
  • plan for renewal
  • prolong the life of our assets.

Enhancing our sustainable urban forest

We have started to use predictive analytics about our ageing trees to help direct how we prioritise tree renewal for our next generation of canopy trees in Boroondara. Through our Climate Action Plan, we will increase our number of street trees from 66,000 to 80,000 by 2030.

A new digital dashboard also provides our team with better visibility of our changing tree canopy on private and Council-owned land.

This improves our ability to:

  • Track seasonal variation
  • Measure changes to our tree canopy over time
  • Make meaningful comparisons by suburb
  • Analyse canopy density for small geographic areas covering just a few dozen homes.

These tools help support more data-driven tree planting strategies that we can be confident will have the most impact.

Find your Heritage Overlay and grading

We have many buildings and areas in the City of Boroondara that are heritage protected.

You can now find Heritage Overlays and gradings for your home using our new interactive virtual map.

Benefits include:

  • An easy way to find out if your property is in the Heritage Overlay
  • A way to look up the heritage grading and access information about why it’s important to protect for current and future generations.

Find significant trees near you

You can now easily search for significant trees on our website. Use our interactive map to search any address in Boroondara and quickly find significant trees near you.

Benefits include:

  • Get to know the outstanding trees in your neighbourhood that receive more protection because of their impressive size, age, rarity, ecological value, or cultural and historical significance
  • A way to familiarise yourself with any significant trees in your area, so that you are aware of trees that must be protected and may need a permit before planning for works, pruning or removals

Try our chat bot

You have told us that you want to be able to connect with us at any time, and in a way that’s convenient to you.

Our chat bot is ready with answers to more than 270 frequently asked questions, with more being added all the time across topics ranging from waste and environment, to pets, libraries and much more.

Benefits include:

  • An avenue of contact that is available online 24/7
  • A simple way to find out more about our services
  • Another convenient option alongside contacting our Customer Connect team by phone, email, web form or in person.

New technology at our libraries

We’ve introduced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology at our libraries. The result is self-service kiosks, sorters, return chutes and book security systems.

Benefits include:

  • An efficient and easy way to borrow and return library items
  • Library items quickly returned to the shelves for borrowing
  • A way for Boroondara Library Service members to conveniently manage their library membership and transactions.

Register your pet online

You can now manage all pet registration activities online. This includes registering your pet for the first time, renewing your pet registration annually, and transferring or changing your pet registration details. You can find out more about these activities on our Pets page.

Benefits include:

  • An efficient and easy way to manage your pet registration at a time that suits you
  • A way to immediately register most pets, meaning less wait time for you
  • Secure online payment methods to provide you more convenience.

New online resource hubs

We have developed new digital hubs catering to a wide range of life stages and needs. You can access important tools, resources, and information about local services and activities from our:

Book a waste collection

You can now book a hard waste collection, bundled green waste collection or Christmas tree collection at the click of a button. You can find out more about competing these tasks on our Waste and environment page.

Waste is collected from your kerb, making it more convenient for you.

Manage parking permits

You can now apply and renew residential parking permits and accessible parking permits online from our Parking permits page.

These are examples of over 100 new online forms that we have introduced to help you request something from Council.

Benefits include:

  • A faster turnaround time to action your requests
  • A simple way to manage this process in your own time and pay without needing to call us or visit a customer service centre.

Report an issue

If you have an issue with your bin or maintenance is required at a Council facility, you can now report bin issues by completing our Report a bin problem form

Benefits include:

  • A faster turnaround time to action your requests
  • A simple way to ask for assistance without needing to call us or visit a customer service centre.

Find your waste collection dates

You can now use your address to search for information about some of our regular services. These are available on our:

Benefits include:

  • A fast and simple way to check your waste collection days.

Planning and building support

You can now submit your planning application online on our Building permit applications page. This is an entirely digital submission, which has reduced manual handling and the amount of steps for you.

You can also download our planning and building app which provides 3D vision support to navigate through the building and planning process.

Register your swimming pool or spa

You can now register your pool or spa online on our How to register your pool or spa page. You are required to do this under new Victorian Government regulations.

Benefits include:

  • A fast turnaround time to action your requests
  • A simple way to manage this process and pay without needing to call us or visit a customer service centre.

A new way to have your say

Our Engage Boroondara website, a new platform for community engagement and consultation activities, has arrived. You will be able to tell us about your priorities and how we can best respond through advocacy and services.

Benefits include:

  • A convenient way for you to have your say
  • A simple view of all engagement and consultation across Council
  • A way to register online for updates to stay informed of consultations that matter most to you.

New ways to pay

We will provide you with multiple payment options across all of our services and facilities to make sure you can pay the way you want.

We recently expanded BPAY as a payment channel and have added PayPal to our new online application and enquiry forms.

Benefits include:

  • A consistent and secure payment experience regardless of channel or device 
  • A faster processing time for payments and refunds
  • The ability to make payments at a time that suits you.

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