We've delivered some fantastic initiatives since our Transforming Boroondara journey began. There are now many new, convenient ways for you to access services and connect with us. 

New technology at our libraries 

We’ve introduced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology at our libraries. The result is self-service kiosks, sorters, return chutes and book security systems.


  • An efficient and easy way to borrow and return library items 
  • Boroondara Library Service members can conveniently manage their library membership and transactions

Register your pet online

You can now manage all pet registration activities online. This includes registering your pet for the first time, renewing your pet registration annually and transferring or changing your pet registration details. 


  • An efficient and easy way to manage your pet registration at a time that suits you 
  • Immediate registration of most pets, meaning less wait time for you
  • Secure online payment methods to provide you more convenience

New online resource hubs 

We have developed new digital hubs catering to a wide range of life stages and needs. You can access important tools, resources and information about local services and activities at:

Book a waste collection

You can now book a hard waste collection, bundled green waste collection or Christmas tree collection at the click of a button.

Waste is collected from your curb, making it more convenient for you.  

Manage parking permits

You can now apply and renew residential parking permits and accessible parking permits online.

These are examples of over 100 new online forms that we have introduced for your benefit. 


  • Faster turnaround time to action your requests
  • A simple way to manage this process in your own time and pay without needing to call us or visit a customer service centre

Report an issue

If you have an issue with your bin or maintenance is required at a Council facility, you can now report bin issues by completing a simple form


  • Faster turnaround time to action your requests
  • A simple way to ask for assistance without needing to call us or visit a customer service centre

Find your waste collection dates

You can now go online and submit your address to:

Now, there's no need to download and cross reference between PDF documents.

Planning and building support

You can now submit your planning application online through an entirely digital submission which has reduced manual handling and the amount of steps for you.

You can also download our planning and building app which provides 3D vision support to navigate through the building and planning process. 

Register your swimming pool or spa

You can now register your pool or spa online, which you are required to do under new Victorian regulations.


  • Fast turnaround time to action your requests
  • A simple way to manage this process and pay without needing to call us or visit a customer service centre

A new way to have your say

Engage Boroondara, our new platform for community engagement and consultation activities has arrived. You will be able to tell us about your priorities and how we can best respond through advocacy and services.


  • A convenient way for you to have your say
  • A simple view of all engagement and consultation across Council 

New ways to pay

We will provide you with multiple payment options across all of our services and facilities to make sure you can pay the way you want.

We recently expanded BPAY as a payment channel and have now added PayPal to our new online application and enquiry forms. 


  • A consistent and secure payment experience regardless of channel or device 
  • Faster processing time for payments and refunds 
  • Ability to make payments at a time that suits you

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