Some of our services are impacted due to COVID-19.

Together with you

We’re changing the way we work so you can connect with us at any time, in a way that’s convenient for you. 

We will make it easier and quicker to interact with us and we’ll get out of your way wherever possible. We know your time is important and simpler processes mean less effort for you. 

You have told us you that you expect contemporary customer services and while digital transformation is a large part of our work, we also understand that some things should stay the same.

This transformation is about providing you with a consistent customer experience with more choice on how to connect with us.

Our customer service team is still available on the phone and in person.

See what we’ve already achieved and what we have planned. 


From 2020 to 2022

  • New online self-service options so you can request council services and view information
  • Consistent and secure payment options across all channels
  • New ways to provide feedback and have your say on ideas and consultations
  • Access us anywhere, anytime, using any device
  • Find, compare and book a range of council services and facilities online

From 2022 to 2024

  • Connect with us via live chat
  • Personalised notifications and communications
  • 24/7 online self-service options
  • Log in to a customer portal customised for you
  • Smart Cities to improve operations across the city
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